Scientists have told, what threats are the new year holidays

Studies of American and new Zealand scientists have led to the conclusion that the holidays increase the likelihood of heart attack by approximately 4%. In addition, they tried to explain such a strange phenomenon, dubbed the “Christmas coronary” writes “Orthodox”.

Previously it was assumed that the statistical increase in the probability to die on the eve of New year due to the winter period. But a study of new Zealanders showed that it is not so, because they celebrate Christmas in the summer.

The most plausible justifications of the effect: the period of the New year, people eat more fatty food that is very bad for the heart. In addition, people are abusing not only food but also drink. If there is forced relocation to relatives, this causes increasing the stress. Some are simply unable to withstand such tests of food and nerves, and in the case of health problems, first to drop out of the race for life. This should add a factor of carelessness, when a man had a heart attack, but a person does not want to spoil the holiday, so delaying the appeal for emergency aid for an indefinite time, which is fatal.

In this regard, the researchers recommend for the Christmas and new year holidays not to forget about their own health, not to abuse meal and alcohol, not to worry about little things and time to turn to doctors in case of trouble.