What would Serbia have thought about themselves, it is just collateral damage in the great game between Washington and Moscow

Director of the Belgrade Forum for ethnic relations Dusan janic tells the portal Avangarda about the reign of Aleksandar Vucic, the Serbian run by the criminal and intelligence structures, about a disastrous trip Vucic in the United States, which he in his media trying to present otherwise. As well as the influence of Russia in Serbia and the new government in which the majority of Ministers supported Russia. In addition, Dusan janic commented on the formation of the so-called mini-Yugoslavia through the creation of a common Balkan market, and talks about how Zagreb undermines the ability of the Trieste summit and blocks the signing of Bosnia and Herzegovina the so-called Transport agreement.

Despite the statements controlled by the Belgrade media, it seems that the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic failed first visit to the United States as head of state. This impression is not helped to smooth out performance even Vucic, the program of TV Pink, in which he, while still in Washington, boasted to the audience that his boss, Vice-President Mike Pence “had a really great honour of the Serbian delegation that after negotiations conducted to the gate of the White house.”

On the other hand, assume that Aleksandar Vucic might expect in Washington, “a cold shower”, because before the trip to America was the President of Serbia was acquainted with the letter of the member of us Congress Eddie Bernice Johnson. She warned the Vice-President of the USA Mike Pence on “six extremely unpleasant aspects that hinder the development of relations between the two countries.” In particular, Johnson has attracted the attention of the Vice President of the United States for a joint military exercise of Serbia, Russia and Belarus under the name of “Slavic brotherhood.” The exercises were held on the border with Poland and that “in the day when Montenegro became a member of NATO”. In addition, Johnson referred to the still unresolved question of the status of the Russian humanitarian centre in NIS, on the strengthening of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Iran, has still not investigated the incident with the burning of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade after the proclamation of independence by Kosovo in 2008 and the killing of American citizens (brothers Bitic), which Serb forces liquidated in 1999 in Kosovo.

A particularly interesting detail in the letter of Mrs. Johnson, addressed to the Vice-President-Penny, is her concern about the news that “a small group that includes the President’s brother Andrej Vucic and his four close friends (Nikola Petrovic, Zvonko Veselinovic, Slaves Cokes and Nenad Kovac), continues to guide the entire infrastructure and government projects. Their relationship with Alexander Babakova, special representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, also need to explain”.

At the end of his treatment, Eddie Bernice Johnson expressed the hope that the meeting of us Vice President US President Survived “will be delayed until there is tangible progress and are not given clear promises.” And yet in the beginning of this week the meeting was held. However, it is still unknown did Penny on the meeting Survived any of the above questions. It is also unknown what the Vice-President of the United States they have received.

“Despite extremely scarce information provided by the office of the Vice President, US media after a meeting with Aleksandar Vucic, we assume that during this conversation in the White house it was about relations in the region, and perhaps also of the constantly growing Russian influence in the Balkans. Although I believe that the President of Serbia talked about it more with the American Congress, which also met, not with the Vice President of the Penny. Why? Because, unlike Vucic, Vice-President of the United States knows that the Serbian President is not the competent interlocutor when talking about the future and the prospects of the Balkans”, — said the Director of the Forum for ethnic relations Dusan janic.

— Avangarda: If not a self-proclaimed “leader of the Balkans,” vučić, who is a Washington a competent interlocutor on this subject? Moscow?

— Dusan Janic:
Of Course. What would Serbia have thought about themselves, it is just collateral damage in the great game between Washington and Moscow. So why would the Vice-President Penny to spend time talking with Survived about Russian influence in the Balkans, if it supports a direct connection with the Kremlin? So this topic was not raised.

— What topics were discussed?

— First of all, the unsolved murder of Bitic brothers and the burning of the American Embassy in Belgrade in 2008. Of course, we also talked about relations between Serbia and NATO. Seems like the Russians — I even understand why spread the lie that the EU can enter without prior joining NATO. Europe long has it endured, but, apparently, it was time for zero tolerance of this “argument”.

— President, Vucic said that during a conversation about the murder of brothers Bitic Vice-President of the Pens was “specific” and did not want to put the President of Serbia in a “difficult position”.

— What degree of specificity it is, we understand, according to the official statement of the Ministry of justice, which in October or November will tell the results.

— Recently, a group of Republican congressmen accused President Vucic that he “failed to fulfill its promises”. They mean that from the moment when a former high-ranking Serb political functionary Goran Radosavljevic Guri was accused of involvement in the murder of three brothers Bitic, Vucic “has taken no action to bring to an end the investigation of this crime”. It is known that Radosavlevich member of the Main Committee of the Serbian progressive party Vucic.

— The murder of Bitic brothers in Kosovo know everything: the role of Guri, and the role of Belgrade, which gave the nod, and the names of the local artists. If they had any conscience and brains, this crime could be open even when Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in. Unfortunately, this did not happen, although we are talking about the case, which is Serbia condemn the guilty — it could explain some things. Bitic brothers tried to save the Gypsy family and move it to Serbia. However, they did not stop at a checkpoint, Serb forces first detained and then shot in the head, dumped in a mass grave. This was preserved documents and even videos. Now the easiest way to arrest Guri, who at that time commanded the troops in Kosovo. However, I am sure that Western intelligence agencies are not interested in that, Radosavljevic was in prison.


— Because they are much more useful to follow its operation in Libya, Russia and so on, so as to keep Serbia in his fist. Because Guri — a constant and useful source of information, so the intelligence services of the West more profitable when it is free. On the other hand, the murder of brothers Bitic and the burning of the American Embassy in Belgrade — it is a test for the ruler of Serbia.

— And who ruled Serbia?

— Invisible security personnel, among whom are today prominent lawyers, politicians, fathers, politicians, advisors… Some diplomatic advisers in the Ministry of Ivica Dacic during the time of Slobodan Milosevic were members of the movement “Resistance”. That is, the security services implemented in their school environment, and now again transferred to the Serbian foreign Ministry.

These people are ruled by Serbia and in some way connected with criminals and crime. These structures are convinced that deceived the story, and now it’s time for the realization of their desires 90 times. since 2012, especially in 2014, the security services doing exactly that.

By the way, please note: until mid-2015 Vucic conducted an independent policy. He went to Srebrenica and one way or another raised an unpleasant topic of the past. And suddenly, in the middle of 2015, everything has changed: no longer Srebrenica, in the 90s there were no crimes committed by Serbs, and the Serbs are the most unfortunate victims of the Yugoslav wars, it was not the Seventh battalion in Montenegro… In General, everything was back to normal. Why? Because the powers that be get richer. If it so happens that Serbia will refuse the third agreement with the IMF, which applies to public enterprises, so the decision was made under tremendous pressure in those structures through SOEs, the state office of relentlessly Rob of Serbia.

— You want to say that this system is stronger than the President Vucic that she manages them, and not Vice versa?

— Of course, stronger. Vucic is only visible authority, and his influence weakened. By the way, how can we talk about “omnipotence” if Uucico even have their own party and coalition partners to convince to support the candidacy of Ana Brnabic as Prime Minister?! Or he can’t form a ruling coalition at its discretion?! For many years, being a fierce media campaign against Ivica Dacic, but in the end, the Vucic government still depends on the same Dacic. What is this omnipotence, tell me, please?

— I heard that Minister Dacic is a favorite of Moscow.

— Not only the team but also the rest of the system that we’re talking about — it school of Moscow. Look who now have the power! In the 90 years of Slobodan Milosevic talked about the so-called non-party pluralism. Here it is! What are all these people doing now? They destroy organized legal entities: parties, institutions. These people govern, run, take. They discrediting opponents and critics, blacken them with their tabloids, and they have outwardly strong leader, with whom they ruled from the shadows.

— How is it governed?

In their hands is concentrated a huge amount of money which they draw from, for example, state-owned enterprises. In addition to the leader, they have plenty of assistants who portray democracy. Finally, they have mastered IT technologies, which successfully manipulated by society. Explain to me, please, the phenomenon of recent performances under the slogan “Vucic dictator!”, which magically disappeared in seven days. From the outset, this protest is so well coordinated that any reasonable person it was clear — it will end in nothing.

There is no doubt that the West sees it perfectly, and I’m sure Uucico will give another few months and then begin to send him the so-called test questions. The first one will be about the burning of the U.S. Embassy.

However, I expect that Russia will even more pressure on Serbia. Especially in the last few months for this climate has been created. Thus, it is clear that the new government Ana Brnabic “Russian for” dominates. In addition, this disoriented in the political, economic and social terms in Serbia, it does not involve EU — easy prey for Moscow. The interesting thing here is that Moscow still does not trust Uucico.

— Do not trust? But President Vladimir Putin just days before the presidential elections in Serbia Aleksandar Vucic was invited to Moscow.

— It’s true. However, the Kremlin is closely monitoring every step Vucic, watching their metamorphoses. The important thing is that Russian don’t like is the direction in which the changes occur. Remember, what noise has risen around interview Ana Brnabic Bloomberg! No matter who is released and who made the main news — it is important that the Prime Minister of one country has put itself in a situation when forced to submit a transcript of the whole interview to the Ambassador of another country. This gesture characterizes not so much the Prime Minister, how much his country. I actually have not had an opportunity to attend meetings where Russian is straight and firmly stated, what do you think about the new Prime Minister of Serbia.

— What did they say?

“If you want the Ana Brnabic was Prime Minister, forget about the Russian MiGs,” they said, openly stressing that Brnabic does not match the line of Moscow. Offering her as Prime Minister, Vucic has done what in gymnastics is called the double flip. That is, Vucic signaled the West that wants to be with him, and the attention of the Russian, he tried to distract the government, which is dominated by “Russian personnel”. I mean, in particular, Nenad Popovic, Alexander Vulin and the Socialist party of Serbia Dacic. Of course, this maneuver was a failure and had no special action (except short-term). That is all understand that in essence nothing has changed, and that Vucic is trying to maintain its previous position and wants to win while the spectators analyze his actions.

— Speaking of the “previous position”, You mean the so-called political and military neutrality of Serbia, which insists the President survived?

And the West, and Moscow is constantly pushing Vucic, literally require him to determine and clearly state where it leads Serbia in the EU or the Eurasian Union.

Vucic is really pushing for a military and political neutrality, but does not understand that more it does not suit anyone, and that keep it impossible. As a matter of fact the military and political neutrality makes Serbia a vassal, a pawn of Russian interests in the Balkans. We remember what happened on July 17 this year, during the visit, Vucic in the United States: the Russian Ambassador in Belgrade Alexander Chepurin have allowed themselves to publicly state the “Serbian interests”.

This is unheard of scandal, and you can’t do that. It is no secret that the statement Chepurina has aggravated and without that a difficult conversation Vucic with American leadership. So it’s amazing that the President of Serbia ignored the scandalous statement of the Russian diplomat and not charged to the Ivica Dacic, as the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs to invite the Ambassador Chepurina and demand an explanation from him… Tomorrow, when the time comes to remove Vucic, to be sure, it will require Washington and Moscow, because, I repeat, they are unhappy. Of course, Vucic will be suspended the Parliament of Serbia, where today 90% of MPs support the accession of Serbia in the Eurasian Union, although they talk about Serbia in Europe.

— Why this week the President Vucic has demanded from Brussels, the exact date of Serbia’s accession to the EU?

— First of all, nobody, not even survived, can not divide a skin of not killed bear.

What does that mean?

— What really has survived — whether you like it or not — these are the people who in the day of his inauguration were present at the event in the former Federal Executive Council. That is talking about Serbia! This Serbia can not afford Uucico to become a regional leader.


— Because of Serbia — destruction of the country with a lost identity. We are now less used ekavski type of pronunciation. Those who called for support for the Cyrillic alphabet, used mainly ikavski. Let’s see who the leaders of nationalism, who defines national policy, who blows the biggest scandals, where the maximum concentration of capital…

— What do You mean?

I want to say that Serbia is ruled Bosnia. We replaced the Montenegrins, the Bosnians, and they all run.

You asked me why Vucic demands from Brussels, the exact date of Serbia’s accession to the EU. I’m afraid that the Serbian President makes the mistake that he had made Slobodan Milosevic. And he himself, and Serbia tried to make a leader in the region. The collapse Vucic began in the moment when he imagined that he was the leader of the Western Balkans. It is no secret that the West (due to their own interests) always says it in this opinion. However, no one takes into account the fact that in the region where 20 years ago there was a war, is unlikely to intrude in this way.

Historians and sociologists say that to improve relations between the countries have four times more time than has been spent on the confrontation. And we fought for ten long years. That is, we are only half way to update. In this sense, to be worn with a noble idea of the Balkan Union — means not to understand the historical and social processes.

On the other hand, as soon as Vucic realized that the idea of “mini-Yugoslavia” in which he and Serbia would be leaders, no support, he put before the Brussels the question squarely. They say, when you accept us, we are trying so hard. Vucic did it because I realized that I had something to offer to its citizens. As if the date of Serbia’s accession to the European Union depends on Brussels instead of Belgrade. Question Vucic received the answer he deserved: we haven’t told anyone the date — don’t say you do. But even this response Uucico enough to continue to manipulate ordinary Serbian citizens, those who attended his inauguration.

— The media speculated that the idea of a Balkan (customs) is the Union of Chancellor Angela Merkel?

That is not true. Chancellor Merkel supports the so-called Berlin process — specifically, the idea of creating projects aimed at rapprochement of the countries of the region. And she was ready to send here some money, designed primarily for infrastructure projects. The most important document that has been signed is a Memorandum of cooperation energy Ministers. The Western Balkans ranks fifth in the world in the vastness of water resources, and using their energy potential to ensure stability and lay the basis for development.

— As soon as publicly talking about the customs Union, against this idea, called mini-Yugoslavia made Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. Bosnia and Herzegovina remains silent. Why do these countries oppose this idea, do You think?

— First of all, why do you need the customs Union, if you already have cast? Why do you need a mini-Yugoslavia, if you go to the European Union? Undoubtedly, this idea of the customs Union is actually Russian. They say, we will create a Union of States that as long as possible will remain outside the EU and will be under our (Russian) influence. I wonder exactly how these States reacted to the idea of the customs Union. They have three kinds of arguments. First, among countries in the region still no trust because of the memory of the recent past, when there was a lot of blood spilled. Second, doubted whether they, in fact, the EU as members, or the EU will turn us into Russian hands. And thirdly, as someone who is committed to the big market, to hold or keep in a small? Actually some countries in the region clearly embraced the idea as the EU’s intention to keep the Western Balkans on the so-called alternate field. For the first time this issue was raised, in her sophisticated and ironic manner, the Prime Minister of Albania EDI Rama, who even began to dress accordingly.

— At the recent meeting of leaders of the countries of the Western Balkans, the Prime Minister Rama indeed appeared in strange clothes: tracksuit and sneakers.

— If we were sent to the spare box, then let us behave accordingly. This was the message EDI Rama. You asked why Bosnia and Herzegovina is silent. And what can be said a state that for decades could not break the deadlock? If Republika Srpska wants something, the Federation is not, and Vice versa… During the last meeting of the leaders of the Western Balkans, which was held in Trieste, Croatia prevented the inclusion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Transport contract. Thus, Zagreb has undermined the work of the Trieste summit, which from the beginning was doomed to failure. Actually its weakest point — the idea of Angela Merkel about a certain “Balkan sea with unmarked boundaries.” The big question is whether the German Chancellor continues to promote this idea after the election in Germany. Especially if we assume that the failure in Trieste, she learned some lessons.