CNN (USA): how far Russia has advanced in the creation of a vaccine against covid-19?

Russian scientific-research work on finding a vaccine — part of the global race which this laboratory hopes to win. Access to the national research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei carefully controlled. CNN cameras go there is not allowed. But we have provided videos, which depicted the ongoing building of strategically important scientific work.

This is a unique opportunity to get an idea, hastily taken by Russia efforts to create a vaccine against coronavirus. We also did a review of the Director of the center, which was inoculated before the start of the official trials of the drug on humans, which caused a mixed reaction.

“We faced the challenge of unprecedented complexity: we need to create a vaccine against this disease in a very short time.”

It is not excluded that this work is a race against time forcing Russia to compromise on some ethical principles. In the first phase of testing on humans was attended by Russian soldiers or volunteers, as they are called, the Ministry of defence. In addition, Russia has accused its spies-hackers broke into the laboratory of the United States, Britain and Canada to steal their secret information on the coronavirus. The Kremlin denies this.

Denies these accusations and the head of the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF), which is now responsible for the lion’s share of research funding coronavirus in Russia.

Matthew chance: Russia is desperately trying to get the vaccine, desperately needs. Might it not be that the Kremlin wanted to get ahead, trying to steal from other countries associated with the vaccine classified information?

Kirill Dmitriev Director of RDIF: to Begin with, which really surprised us, the timing of these charges. It happened on the next day after we announced that we will receive the results on the vaccine in August.

But how do you explain such remarkable speed? I mean that because other countries also work hard. How Russia could so to get ahead? That is why there are suspicions and accusations that Russia renounces moral principles and con, with regard to research.

— Our vaccine relies on a technology platform well-proven in the creation of a vaccine against Ebola and middle East respiratory syndrome. Our scientists have made such changes that it had wrought upon the spikes of the new coronavirus and not to DNA of the Ebola virus and the virus that causes middle East respiratory syndrome.

So it’s just trying to make the old vaccine against the new coronavirus. It can also cause issues, but it’s a medical strategy, not hacking and theft. In this case, at the Russian lab have a chance at success.