What mistakes when using gel nail Polish can damage nails

Gel Polish is amazingly persistent, he clings to the nails, not peeling, no scratches and not foliated, and most importantly his dignity is that it can be easily used at home, but not for acrylic or gel extensions. However, there are some nuances that can ruin your nails, if you ignore them, writes vitamarg.com.

Mistake # 1: Use cheap untested polishes

In pursuit of savings can seriously damage your nails. Buy gel nail Polish only brands tested and proven sellers. If you are just beginning to master the technique of creating long-lasting gel lacquer nail Polish, buy special sets, they are completely ready to use, with their help, it is much easier to learn.

Mistake # 2: Dry the gel Polish under the UV lamp

Ultraviolet light harms your nails and hands in General. These lamps are outdated, and technology has leaped forward. In order to dry the gel and not to harm yourself, you should use more advanced device – a LED lamp.

Mistake # 3: Remove hand from the lamp ahead of time

Drying time is important do not end up the dried lacquer damage the nails emit harmful substances and poorly kept. Observe the exact time specified by the manufacturer, and carefully dry each layer, otherwise problems can not be avoided.

Mistake # 4: Ignore the care of the cuticle

For some reason, many girls believe that nutritious oil can ruin the gel nail, and stop to take care of the cuticle. This belief is fundamentally wrong: not only that, dry skin around the nails looks unattractive, so more dehydrated the nails, covered with gel start to exfoliate and break. There is no reason to worry, your coating is not in danger, and the cuticles needs daily nourishment to look well-groomed and tidy, so do not ignore the nail oil and apply it every night before bed.

Mistake # 5: Pick exfoliated paint

Gel nail very firmly clings to the nail plate and if you try to tear loose the edge, you will certainly damage the nail, lifting it to the upper layer. If it so happens that the shellac began to peel off, then you need to either leave as is or remove the cover completely and replace with new.

Mistake # 6: to Remove gel nail Polish with ordinary remover

Many people do and instead of a special solvent use remover for regular nail Polish. Yes, with varying degrees of success it works, but this affects the nails and skin around them. Special tool for removing shellac contains active ingredients that quickly dissolve the coating, and the exposure time of the nails and cuticles is not more than 7-10 minutes. In those cases, when you use an ordinary cleanser, more time is required for dissolution of the gel, usually about 15-20 minutes. When it dried the skin around the nail bed and this contributes to the Burr formation. In addition, to completely dissolve the gel Polish conventional tool is not able and girls are forced to scrape the remnants with a metal blade, and then polishing the nail plate with a hard buff. Thus, the damaged nails become thin, brittle and fragile. For removing gel nail Polish you need to use a very special tool designed for this.