Causeur (France): talk on “white privilege”

One of the French “anti-racist” group invites white to shut up and educate ourselves. Aurelien mark analyzes these alarming statements.

Mwasi, the group calls itself “profeminists” Association and, apparently, aims to represent France “racist” state. However, she requires it to provide a paper located on French territory the migrant workers to more “victims” came here to suffer from “systemic oppression” from the above state…

In early July one of the members of the Davie Annette (Annette Davis) posted in the Facebook group “let’s Talk about white privilege” one deserves our attention the message. It’s addressed to white and offers them the following: “Give us the money, space and resources, but spare us from your opinions, when we criticize you, behave the way we demand to be silent and avoid even critical thoughts that tell you to do and to think victims of racism”. Some will say that these appeals relate only to the racist theme, but it is not so: for these activists racism is a major social phenomenon, which systematically reduced all the way down to experimental Sciences, which they call “white science”. Do not forget that new York city teachers are now officially declare that the desire for objectivity is an indicator of a “culture of white supremacy” (and the desire for comity and conflict prevention).

Distorted anti-racism

These recommendations could see delirium, which nobody can take seriously. Alas. The current situation in the United States suggests otherwise. We, too, come to that, judging by how many people obediently follow any trends overseas “progressive” fashion. The very radicality of the message makes it extremely important because it sheds light on the true nature of modern “anti-racist” ideology, which actually illegally appropriates this definition, depriving it of all meaning.
Calls Annette Davie negate other people’s opinions on the basis of merely their skin color and therefore are openly racist. The message is literally riddled with open racism. White needs to shut up, listen and obey, while black ranting, I order and receive the offerings, in response to which they owe nothing to anybody, not even simple gratitude.

The message does not see anything beyond skin color and does not even consider the mestizo population, which would be difficult to find their place in this logic of “all or nothing”. As you know, the inability to perceive the racial mix is a classic marker of racist ideology.

The fact that this doctrine calls himself “anti-racist” is a lie to discredit any criticism: if you’re anti-racism, you racist! Not at all: it is precisely because racism is deeply disgusting to me, I lead him struggle even in the case when it is mask-racism. His allies are not heroes who seek to abolish oppression. They want to take a whip to use it at their own discretion. They remind raised the slave revolt of Spartacus, which some ideologues pose as a symbol of the struggle for freedom, somehow forgetting to clarify that, dropping the chain, they will immediately rushed to buy slaves.

Sectarian initiative

Initiative Annette Devi requires white without the slightest critical thought to accept the teachings of black people, which elevated to the rank of the wise by one only the content of melanin in the skin. She erects in the absolute subjective experience (real or perceived), rejecting any possibility of collective reflection. All this gives the sectarianism of the worst sort. His motto is very simple: “victims of racism” are higher, since the very fact of their “oppression” gives them to do so (“systemic racism”). White bear the imprint of the indelible and hereditary original sin (they need infinitely try to redeem him), and therefore can not feel they should only be silent, obey, and give resources “gurus” to promote their Business.

It should be noted neo-Marxist roots of the entire “progressive” ideology: in her view, human society is merely a field of struggle, the truth is absolutely subjective feelings and opinions talks, and objective knowledge impossible. In addition, it is not talking about “injustice” and “discomfort”. In the result of the ideas of Plato, Euclid and Galileo rejected by the bigots with whom Torquemada would have gone for a rational and modern man. Looking at this rejection 2.5 millennia of civilization and a denial of the work of the “logos”, that is, at the same time of thought and expression, are not surprised that this ideology (especially if it is immersed in unbridled activism) will lead only to unrest and violence, as we see in robberies and assaults during demonstrations, Black Lives Matter on the streets of American cities.

Anti-Semitic “trick” nick cannon

It is not surprising that in this movement flourish maximally delusional racial-historical theory like the one that recently announced the rapper and host Nick cannon (Nick Cannon, 4.8 million Twitter followers): according to him, that blacks were “real Jews.” Note that this is riddled with anti-Semitism conspiracy theory cost him his contract with CBS. There is a belief that the Egyptians at the time of the pharaohs were black. Although scientific research refute this claim, the motion to “protect black” regularly organize demonstrations against the exhibition of ancient Egyptian theme.

This “anti-racist” ideology is actually parasitical completely absurd. Not only because of the absurdity of the racism, but because of the inconsistency. Imagine that the fundamental postulate Annette Davie truthful, that race is everything and that it is determined by the color of the skin. It becomes obvious that Europe, which for millennia have been built white, is also white, and that “victims of oppression” there is no legitimacy. We — not the United States: unlike the victims of the slave trade and their descendants in France and in Europe “colored” came on their own or was there a power of free decision of their ancestors. And if the color of the skin forms an insurmountable barrier between them and white and does not allow them to assimilate in the European Nations, by virtue of the right of peoples to self-determination they have the right to vote in the Affairs of these countries. In France such statements can be only in overseas territories and only with the full recognition of their independence.

All this time no one is talking about Africa

France, of course, imperfect, but even this imperfect country infinitely better with blacks and other “victims” than is any other African country towards its minorities. The racism of some blacks towards other obviously escapes the attention of the “antiracists”, “Champions of colonization” and other “progressive” personalities who pretend to forget that black slaves were mostly sold in white and black Arabs slave traders. They turn a blind eye to, no doubt, racist heinous crimes in the course raged in Africa, tribal wars, and their rhetoric is closer to the statements of those who arranged this bloodshed. No country with a predominantly coloured population does not care about their minorities, as does France, and would not tolerate such amazing antics, to which a significant part of the West is indulgence today.

Enough appeasement! It’s time to poke Annette Davie and supporters of her ideas nose in their own inconsistency. If they despise the word and thought white may give up the white (as they say) of technology and medicine, comfort and tolerance of the white community.

Only then will their words can be taken seriously.