El Mundo (Spain): world doll

In 2015, Russia wanted to ban “homosexual Emoji” in social networks, if it is proven that they are breaking the law on gay propaganda. This investigation was initiated by the Russian Senator Mikhail Marchenko, who was very concerned about appearing on social networks with kisses and hearts.

But always there comes a time when Russian Orthodoxy finally reconciled with satanic symbols Cupertino. It seems that time has come: Apple has unveiled the new Emoji, one of which — the famous Russian nesting doll. It will be the first emoticons, which will appear on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch this fall within the iOS updates 14.

Historians believe that the dolls come from Japanese traditional dolls. The first nesting dolls was presented in Moscow by Vasily Zvezdochkin. The idea was revolutionary: the set consisted of eight placed one inside the other dolls of different sizes. All the dolls were girls, only a fifth was a boy. The smallest doll was a baby.

Today make dolls with the face of Putin, Ronaldo and Maradona. They are sold at a flea market in Izmailovo — a kind of Madrid “El Rastro” with caramel motives red square and the Kremlin.

I hope the Japanese God Futurama will forgive us for this cultural appropriation, because it is dressed in Russian dress doll will be immortalized in our chat rooms. Once lived in a Japanese monastery Russian pilgrim “hacked” doll and “implemented it into the operating system” of tsarist Russia. Patron of the arts Savva Mamontov presented it at the world exhibition in Paris in 1900. Becoming part of the world of emojis, the doll fell into the “melting pot” of Nations. Finally our flamenco dancer have dance.