Putin knows all of Ukraine: General voiced some disturbing news

Thanks to spies in all the Ukrainian power structures the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has full control of the information on Ukraine. This was told to the “observer” the General-Lieutenant Dmitry Umanets.

According to him, the Kremlin is well aware of the state of the Ukrainian army and in General what is happening in the country.

“Putin has a thorough information about what is happening in our country. In the power structures of Ukraine quite a lot of people who work for Moscow – and in the Armed forces and the SBU, and where you want. In Ukraine is the FSB and other secret services of Russia, and the Crimea – the guys go back and forth,” said Umanets.

He noted that the Kremlin comes to the information from Ukrainian intelligence, and from politicians.

The General suggested that the main action will unfold in the fall.

“Putin to autumn can wait, and then see what we will create in our state that we will have going on, and will make some decisions, based on the situation”, – summed up Umanets.

Dmitry Umanets told that on Donbass possible new “boilers” in the performance of the Russian army. According to him, on a full-scale war there is no Russian forces.