“The relationship will only grow stronger”: Zelensky congratulated Angela Merkel

Merkel is an active participant in the process to resolve the conflict in the Donbas

The other day President Vladimir Zelensky congratulates colleague from France Emmanuel Makron, and now wrote a congratulatory message to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which today is 66 years.

“Happy birthday, Mrs. Merkel! I wish you good health and fortitude to withstand all the difficulties of the pandemic. Thank you for the comprehensive support of Ukraine in the international arena. Relations between Ukraine and Germany will only grow stronger with age,” wrote the head of state in Twitter.

As reported “Today”, the last time Merkel and Zelensky were talking on the phone in early June. Expected one of the main topics of conversation was the settlement in the Donbass, in particular, implementation of the agreement, “Norman summit” in Paris, in which they both participated.

We recall that a year ago, the Ukrainian leader went to Germany on a visit, where he met with top leadership of this country, including the Chancellor. Then the President said that “Merkel is a strong person with indisputable authority and huge experience.” Ukrainians hope that she, as an influential European and international credibility, will help our country to face the challenges that we face. Read more, what Zelensky came back from Germany in June 2019.