“The authorities need to change”: the party of “the Voice” goes to the opposition (video)

Kira Rudyk thinks that the authorities destroyed any constructive

The head of the party “Voice” Kira Rudyk said that her political force will go into opposition to the current government. She said this during a speech from the parliamentary rostrum.

“We came to Parliament in order to be creators. To create rules and create processes that will work. We came to use this chance every minute for the benefit of our country. We came with high hopes and big plans,” she said.

The Deputy noted that during the year political force saw monopolista (“servant of the people”) has changed the values declared. Moreover, she believes that the representatives of the current government do not pull even on the heads of the departments, which no company took to their work, but they appoint Ministers.

The politician also said that on the streets of detained activists, and the work of MPs was to bail out those who unjustly condemned

“We came to defend freedom and to carry out reforms. But now we are constantly fighting with the lie. The lie that there is a shortage of personnel. That in Ukraine there is the question of state language. Lies that constantly destroys any constructive. We realized that our construct is not useful. The authorities do not need to help, it needs to be changed. It’s time to change it. The party of “the Voice” goes in opposition to the existing government. Our hope and your hope only on ourselves,” said Rudyk.

Video: “The Voice”

As reported by news of the “Today” recently we showed a photo as a member of the party “Voice” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk after leaving Parliament went to the front. A former MP has met with servicemen, sang songs.