The petition of the miners to the President on the resignation of Gerus scored more than 21 thousand votes

A thousand voices of a petition in just two days

In may, miners ‘ bands posted on the website of the President a petition demanding the resignation of the head of the energy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, people’s Deputy of the “Servant of the people” Andrew Gerus. Today, the petition has collected 21075 votes, reports UNN. A thousand voices of a petition in just two days.

“Miners of Ukraine appeal to You for help. We faithfully worked for many years for our country, coal was mined, sacrificed their lives to our country was bright and warm. Mining work is very difficult, but we are always ready to produce coal for Ukraine.

But now we need Your help. In the area of disaster. Mining work and our entire energy industry is not just in danger, she dies. Our businesses is simple and it is unclear when will come out of it. Our coal is produced by our sweat and blood, but now nobody wants it. Coal so much that it is just “there”. Thousands of people are without work and almost without means of subsistence,” say the miners in the petition.

For their troubles they accuse the head of the energy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Gerus, who, despite a surplus of coal, lobbied for electricity imports to Ukraine from Russia.

“For six months all turned a blind eye to what is happening Gerus, until everything collapsed almost completely. When closed our Ukrainian mine, then we will know the true price of Russian electricity, the bloody electricity. The money is not from miners in mining towns, the life stops. In stores no one will buy anything, the city just die,” say the miners.

The petition was signed by the miners SE “SelidovUgol”, OP “mine “Kotlyarevskaya”, OP “mine “1-3 Novogrodovka”, OP “mine Ukraine”, OP “mine Kurakhovskaya”.

We will remind, the Ministry of energy has initiated the suspension of electricity imports from Russia – the corresponding bill is registered in BP.

Also, the energy Ministry wants to prioritize the consumption of Ukrainian coal instead of imported gas reserve to stabilize the socio-economic stresses of the miners.