What factors may prevent you from conceive

Oh the joys of motherhood sooner or later I think every couple, but with time turns out to realize her dream of becoming parents. This writes 4mama.ua.

You should pay attention, if you can’t get pregnant, that dream soon became a reality, and the future grandmother took up knitting needles and started knitting tiny booties?

If you conceive you do not get with the first two or three cycles, it is not necessary to sound the alarm, you just need to put in the effort and if in the course of a year and a half with regular sexual intercourse pregnancy does not occur, it is possible to speak about an issue that requires a thorough examination of both partners to identify the causes, although some causes may lie on the surface.

Menstrual disorders

Irregular menstrual cycles can be a cause of ovulation disorders and even anovulatory cycles in which the egg ripens and leaves the ovaries. Pregnancy when such a problem, of course, impossible.

Obstruction of tubes

It is in the fallopian tubes that the egg meets the sperm and fertilization occurs. Of the causes of obstruction of the fallopian tubes, can be inflammation, chlamydia, abortion. After them in the pipes leaves scars and adhesions, which in the end can be a barrier to conceive because the sperm will be difficult to overcome these “obstacles”.

Pathology of the uterus

The functional state of the uterus, as the organ bearing the fruit, is extremely important. Endometriosis (inflammation of the epithelium of the uterus, causing growth of tissue), fibroids, polyps, and scarring after abortion can become an obstacle to conceive.

Too frequent sex

Or too rare (less than once a week) can cause the inability to conceive. The fact that the frequent sexual acts the number of sperm in the ejaculate is reduced (no time to develop) and it becomes less viscous (like water) that is necessary for fertilization. If infrequent sex decreases the sperm motility. Optimally for conception sex every two to three days.

Weight problems

Excessive weight can be a obstacle to motherhood due to excessive production of the hormone estrogen. It causes hormonal imbalance and suppresses fertility. Low body weight can also increase infertility due to insufficient production of hormones.

An impaired ability to implant

The ability of the fertilized egg to penetrate and take root in the uterine wall can be broken migrated abortions, miscarriages or tumors in the uterus.

Male infertility

Factor of male infertility in a couple is about 40%, and this should be considered when planning a pregnancy. Spermatogenesis – process of development and maturation of the active sperm motility and the presence or absence of any infections that prevent conception will show semen.


High stress levels triggers the adrenal hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine, which suppress the function of estrogen and progesterone responsible for fertility.

Immunological incompatibility

It happens that despite the apparent well-being and health of both partners desired pregnancy does not occur. Blame can be the immune defense of the body of a woman who sees sperm as a foreign protein and produces antibodies that destroy the structure of the seed.


Taking certain medicines (antibiotics, antihistamines, analgesics, antidepressants) may affect fertility function, as it can inhibit the maturation of the egg.