In USA wife after a DNA test found out that they are twins

A unique case occurred in the U.S. state of Mississippi. The couple, who came to the doctor for help in conceiving a child, found that really are twins. It was established by a DNA test, according to “life” with reference to the Daily Mirror. Data pairs physicians to disclose refused, citing medical confidentiality.

We only know that the brother and sister were tragically separated in infancy after their parents died in a terrible accident. Then they were adopted by different families, so that they do not even know about the existence of each other. The couple met in College already, immediately felt the resemblance and fell in love.

The doctor who conducted the DNA test, confessed that this is the first such case in his practice. “They were attracted to each other because of their similarities. They felt that they truly can connect with each other. If they knew the truth, you could save yourself a lot of pain now,” he told reporters.

By the way, for incest in the state of Mississippi subject to criminal prosecution. So, marriage with a brother or sister in the state you can get up to 10 years in prison. But, given the very unusual nature of this case, the pair make no charges will be.