Will have to wait: the health Ministry said, when the launch of e-hospital

System testing e-hospital is not yet completed

Full launch of the system’s electronic hospital is planned from the beginning of 2021. About it on a daily online briefing on the situation with coronavirus were reported by the Deputy Minister of health of Yaroslav Kucher.

“Testing is not yet complete, but we can already see some problematic issues require further development”, – he said.

According to officials, the majority opinion of experts and doctors are that you need to now worked as so-called target model with full integration in eHealth through the medical information system that doctors use.

In Ukraine start making their responsibilities in test mode

“We plan to do it before the end of the year, many functionals have been developed, but given the fact that medical information system also needs to develop this functionality, declare: let’s plan (implementation of an electronic hospital. – Ed.) at the beginning of the year,” said the Coachman.

Earlier, health Minister Maksym Stepanov said that the Ministry of health jointly with the Pension Fund of Ukraine plans to launch a system of electronic sick-lists from 1 August of the current year.

Recall that originally the government had planned to launch the system on 1 April, but was postponed due to technical problems encountered in connection with the epidemic COVID-19.