Oncologists told what side to sleep better

The position in which it prefers to fall asleep person, is of crucial importance for its well-being and functions of the body, say scientists. Sleeping on the stomach, for example, researchers consider problematic.

According to data published by “RIA FAN”, most appropriate for the maintenance of health is sleep on your left side. Therapists are advised to cultivate a habit of falling asleep immediately on the left side without a long search for a suitable posture, not to toss and turn, back to place another pillow, writes medikforum.ru.

“In this position the body’s internal organs work best. Sleeping on your left side have much less health problems”, – explained the choice of poses scientists.

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According to the researchers, while people are asleep the body needs to cope with the problem of disposing of toxins and metabolic products – the better the process, the greater the protection from cancer. Because the lymphatic system empties into the thoracic duct on the left side of the body, sleeping on your left side activates the excretion of all the excess.

In addition, sleep on the left side of the body improves the function of the intestine, facilitates the process of cleansing the liver, and optimize the operation of a circular system, which carries venous blood to the heart and passes to the right of the spine.

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