“Looking at the law how on the rag”: Kravchuk in Parliament appealed to Zelensky

He is outraged by the fact that the Constitution is perceived as a piece of paper

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk has urged the current President Vladimir Zelensky, who previously was awarded the order of the policy, to take care of the punishment for offenders, regardless of their status.

About it I there was a speech during the solemn session of Parliament on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Declaration on state sovereignty of Ukraine.

“Supporting the implementation of the fundamental positions of democracy and the rule of law, please do not forget that all this is valid when there is a law. All equal before the law,” – said Kravchuk.

He said he noticed that some of the MPs, political forces despise the law.

“We look at the law, often the Constitution, as on paper, or, worse, on the rag. This is unacceptable. It depends on you, the law triumphed. And those who break the law were prosecuted, regardless of who he was, or is,” added the first President.

“Sometimes, when you observe the rhetoric of some members, some politicians, one gets the sad impression that you are on the ball. Images, ignorance, imprecise wording and even little fables is not allowed in this backdrop of major challenges facing Ukraine, therefore I address with the big request to think about the political culture of our lives” – shamed Kravchuk gathered.

Previously, Kravchuk explained, as Zelensky had to answer to Trump’s criticism of Merkel and Makron.