In Ukraine continues to rage element: forecasters announced a storm warning

Rescuers warn of rising water levels in rivers

Due to the bad weather in Ukraine for a fourth straight day to announce a storm warning. Today, 17 July, again not taking Western Ukraine – rescuers warn of thunderstorms.

And in the Nikolaev, Kherson, Donetsk regions and in Crimea prevail extreme fire danger levels, reported in a press-service gschs.

In addition, rescuers warn that in the Pripyat river basin will continue upward trend in water level at 1-3 cm per day. And the shot post Rechitsa and on the river Stokhid, July 14-17 will be further exceeding the level of flooding of farmland and household plots.

We will remind, at the end of June in Odessa was held the downpour which led to flooding a number of streets of the regional center. At Lanzheronovskaya descent, according to eyewitnesses, there was a real “waterfall”. In addition, the most affected streets of Balkovskaya and seaside.

And in the mountainous regions of Ivano-Frankivsk region noticed a huge tornado. Unusual phenomenon in Ukraine was accompanied by hail the size of quail eggs and the powerful wind.

Video: Oleh Perepelyuk, Facebook