American lock, the Iranian trace in Kirkuk

Iraq was occupied in 2003, the United States. At the head of the occupation authority in Iraq was delivered to Paul Bremer (Paul Bremer), known as the Governor of the US in Iraq. Today, Iraq is controlled by the Constitution, prepared by the Americans. In the 140th article of the Constitution of the Turkmen city of Kirkuk and Mosul (Iraqi Turkmens or Turkomans, the third largest ethnic group after Arabs and Kurds, are not related to Central Asian Turkmens — approx. ed.) that are now swarming the terrorist organization called “disputed territories”.

Until 2014, Mosul was under the control of the Baghdad government. In June 2014 the Iraqi military and police, who at the direction of Baghdad left the city, surrendered without a fight his terrorist organization ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). 17 Oct 2016 began the operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS. Mutual collisions between terrorist organizations operation turned into a mass murder of civilians: four thousand who had hoped for salvation masaltsev died.

Whom will be the Mosul, even if the operation will end is unknown. The Iraqi army and the militants “Hasdi Shabi” — under the control of Iran. The us military also on the battlefield. But Arabs and Turkmen, which actually belongs to Mosul, in the center of crossfire.

As for Kirkuk, ISIS terrorists entered Mosul in June 2014, came to the gate of the city. When the Iraqi army did it is about the same as in Mosul. Peshmerga forces associated with the regional administration in Northern Iraq, came to Kirkuk, and control of the city fell to the Kurds.

In the first week of the Mosul operations, which began on 17 October 2016, in Kirkuk there was fighting, too.

When clashes in Mosul spread to Kirkuk, the resulting picture was a complete disaster for Turkmens and Sunni Arabs, the true masters of the city. In Kirkuk under the pretext of ISIS began to breed fighters “Hasdi Shabi” and terrorists of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK).

Today in Kirkuk alongside the Peshmerga largely also present the terrorist group the PKK and the “Haldi Shabi”.

If the wick lights up, a war breaks out, all of its burdens will fall to the share of Turkmens. Over the last seven months from Kirkuk under the pretext of ISIS was expelled hundreds of Turkmen families.

The Barzani administration first posted a flag in Kirkuk, and then legalized this fact the decision of the municipal Council.

Although the Iraqi Parliament did not recognize this decision, the Kurds have made an important step towards a referendum on independence.

The referendum is a trump card, for which Barzani held for many years. This time was established an important Union. Talabani and the Movement “Goran”, which Barzani has long been at loggerheads, have also agreed to hold a referendum on independence in the course of this year.

The Iraqi Constitution calls Kirkuk the disputed territory. To restore order had until 2007, but did not. In these circumstances, Kirkuk, unlike the nearby Erbil, which has become a modern city, was left in a derelict condition here does not invest investment, there is entrenched terrorist organization.

At the same time, inside the Kurdish Alliance, there are many factors of hostility. For example, in Kirkuk, Barzani raised the flag, the decision about the flag was made by the Governor — the person Talabani.

In addition, the terrorist organization PKK strongly opposed to the issue of independence. And with the PKK, and Barzani Iran have bad relations. But Talabani and “Goran”, with whom he was at odds, supported the PKK and Iran. To continue this Alliance Barzani will inevitably need to be his for Iran and the PKK. Of course, a separate question is whether Iran will approve of an independent Kurdish state. Because of the probable independence can mobilize the Iranian Kurds, which Iran holds back with the help of the PKK. Power that can say, hid under lock and Kirkuk, and Mosul from the point of view of the Constitution, was the United States.

But the superiority of these two established cities of Iran, acting from the outside.

Iran came to Mosul by the Iraqi army and “Haldi Shabi”. In February, he with Talabani has made important progress in Kirkuk with respect to oil wells. Iran’s goal here is to intercept the supply of oil, controlled by Barzani, using the exclusive rights Baghdad to Kirkuk, and to move the route of the Kirkuk oil to the Persian Gulf.

Iran is committed to the occupation of the Mosul and Kirkuk, called the Constitution of the disputed territories. Barzani and agitated by independence. Many terrorist organizations of the PKK to ISIS and “Haldi Shabi”, here, too. And the key to this equation with many unknowns — in the hands of the United States.

Whether the Declaration of independence, and if so, where will be posted the flags is unknown. This is a difficult process. But the following is known: swords bared, and are on the cutting edge of the blade — the Turkmens, Sunni Arabs, who actually owns the land.

Before the scenario of a potential disaster Turkey, no doubt, will never remain indifferent. In this situation, everyone, friends and enemies, will become more clear why the presence of Turkish troops in the area of BA’shiqah and its vicinity, in response to what the Iraqi government is a puppet of Iran, from time to time says “go”.