Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): why all the global reforms in Ukraine always end in failure

Naive Ukrainians is that each of them sincerely believe themselves modern and civilized man, just so happened that they have to live in a poor, backward society and they, the Ukrainians, the same naive, trying to improve society. I repeat, to improve the society!

Brought up on Marxist-Leninist logic of the possible and compulsory reorganization of the world, Ukrainians blindly believe an unpleasant reality surrounding them was the result of someone’s deliberate, destructive actions, and they are personally to this have no relationship.

So they naively believe that if they exercise a social activity, go to the Maidan, to run in the elections etc. and they will bring them the desired state of society.

Hence the constant search for those to blame for their misfortunes. Whether it’s officials, oligarchs, Russians, poles, Bandera or the separatists. Soon will start to accuse the Americans! And the Europeans have already begun. Hence the constant search for the hero (a La Saakashvili) that would change everything in one fell swoop. What reformer chose Zelensky, this sentence for the present society.

All naive attempts of the Ukrainians quickly, one jerk, the Ukrainian breakthrough (remember how many we had?) to catch up with the civilized world, to build a civil society and the European legal state similar to the famous Soviet anecdote.

A hard worker constantly trying to collect a sewing machine from stolen factory parts. But no matter how he tried, he was a machine gun. And we have. No matter how much we tried to build a civil society, democracy, legal society, no matter how much we copied Western institutions, on the way we will always get either national socialism or fascism. And if that doesn’t work either, then there will be chaos and devastation. Now, all this happening before our eyes.

No other way, because the vaccine socialism imposed on the age-old archaic consciousness of Ukrainians, it is almost a sentence. This realization came to the few. And those who got to have either left the country, or shamelessly stolen and taken stole. After disintegration of the USSR a scoop has not disappeared from the Ukrainian consciousness. He’s just got other, more ugly.