How e-cigarettes affect health

Electronic cigarette today is not as intricate, exotic thing, surrounded by an aura of mystery. The existence of such products know people in many countries, so vaping every year is becoming more common occupation, writes

But despite the mass popularization, it is still possible to meet both supporters and opponents of the new invention that is used as a substitute for nicotine cigarettes. Some smokers mockingly compare wapi with non-alcoholic beer, supporters of a healthy lifestyle believe electronic cigarettes are a great invention, allowing you to easily overcome the nicotine addiction without harming the health. Who is right? The truth lies somewhere in the middle. To understand all this, you need to start to know what it consists of and the principle of working of electronic cigarette.

How to construct and operate devices for vaping?

Almost all electronic vaporizers have two main parts, one of which is the battery pack and the second atomizer to evaporate the liquid. In the evaporator there is a metal spiral, which is located inside a piece of cotton or wool.

Electronic cigarette works on the simplified principle: the atomizer, which is impregnated with a special liquid, receives the electric current from the battery. It contributes to the heating of the helix, resulting in the evaporation of the liquid. In the end, instead of cigarette smoke vaper inhales the vapor.
The liquid used for refilling consists of several components: food flavorings, propylene glycol and glycerin food.

The use of various aromatic components allows the manufacture of fillers with various flavors: fruit, different types of tobacco and even some foods, such as pizza or scrambled eggs.

The influence of electronic cigarettes on health

Vaping is a relatively new hobby, so serious testing, allowing you to confidently talk about the benefits or harm of inhaled vapor, have not yet carried out. But despite this, the representatives of the British health care argue that the use of e-cigarettes at 95% less dangerous than nicotine. Many people compare vaping with a process resembling a bathhouse with subsequent inhalation of fumes, which include food additives and aromatic substances.

In many developed countries more than 10% of smokers refused the nicotine and completely switched to vaping. Given this trend, the United States is actively open specialized points of sales of such devices, where you can buy high quality, certified goods.

In addition to the lack of negative impact on health, VAPI acceptable to smoke in places where conventional cigarettes are banned. When using electronic vaporizers reduces the number of passive smokers who unwittingly inhale nicotine smoke. Finally, enjoy vapor with different flavors and tastes much nicer than the poisonous nicotine tar.