Clinton blames for his defeat in the elections Russia and the Director of the FBI

In one of the rare public appearances Clinton explained his unexpected defeat in the elections of 2016 intervention of Russian hackers and the FBI Director James Komi Republic in the homestretch of the election campaign.

“If elections were held on 27 October, your President would I,” said Clinton leading CNN Christiane Amanpour (Christiane Amanpour) at the international women’s conference in new York, where she acted as moderator.

Clinton said that is “absolute personal responsibility” for a failed attempt to get into the White house. However, the former democratic candidate refused to recognize the shortcomings of their strategies and their messages, as well as his weakness in the course of the campaign and the inability of his advisors to first understand and then react to the irritation of the masses of the electorate.

Instead, Clinton explained his defeat by the action of external forces, saying, among other things, that she was a victim of misogyny and a “false equivalence”, which differ by the news media.

Clinton stated that it was confident to win until two things happened that stopped her forward motion. We are talking about publishing emails of a Chairperson of the headquarters of the John Podestà, which were allegedly stolen by Russian hackers, and the letter Komi Republic dated 28 October, in the Congress, in which he announced that the FBI resumes the investigation against Clinton on the use of the private mail server.

“I was on the way to victory until October 28, has not appeared this letter Jim Komi, a Russian WikiLeaks has sown doubts in the minds of those people who were inclined to vote for me, but I was scared. It seems to me, evidence of such interference abound, and they are compelling and convincing,” said Clinton.

On 6 November, when elections were only two days, the Commission again wrote to Congress and stated that the FBI found new evidence that can change his conclusion that Clinton should not be charged with a crime.

Clinton spoke about “an unprecedented intervention, including from foreign powers, whose leader is not a member of my fan club”, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom she fought during his tenure as Secretary of state.

When Amanpour asked whether misogyny played a role in her defeat as the first woman to become a presidential candidate, Clinton said, “Yes, I think it played a role.” She added that machismo is “an integral part of the political, social and economic climate.”

Amanpour tried to urge Clinton to introspection.

“He, your opponent, there was one message that became very successful: “let’s Make America great again” — she said about trump. — What was your message? You can take some personal responsibility?”

“I take absolute personal responsibility, — said Clinton. — I was a candidate. I was the person included on the ballot”.

However, immediately after that, Clinton laid the blame for his defeat in the Komi and Russian hackers allegedly hacked emails Podestà. “There was a lot of impure things,” she said.

Clinton promised that I would share my mistakes in the book which is going to publish. “You read my confession and my request for absolution”, she added with a hint of sarcasm.

A strategist from the Democratic party Robert Shrum (Robert Shrum) who advised two of the losing presidential candidates al Gore and John Kerry, said that analyzing his defeat, Clinton did not attach particular importance to their own failures and shortcomings, especially in the economic program.

“I am to a certain extent, sympathize with her, but you can’t blame the incident with you all, but myself, said Shrum. — The confidence and authority she could win these words: “what Happened to me causes me real pain, it could cost me the election victory, but some things I would now do differently””.

Lose by a very slim margin in the presidential election is very painful, it is a traumatic event for a politician who has long been committed to occupy this post. After the defeat in 2000, Gore grew a beard and gained weight. After losing in campaign 2012 MITT Romney retired to La JOLLA, California. Saw him there when he poured gasoline into the tank of his car, and his hair was somehow unnatural hanging off of his forehead.

“When the candidate loses, he usually falls into a deep depression, said historian Douglas Brinkley (Douglas Brinkley), studying the presidential campaign. — He is consumed by thoughts of admitted personal errors, but often the losers trying to blame some powerful external forces that robbed him of the prize”.

According to most Clinton, she has experienced the same thing. Day by day in social networks appeared photos of her with the dogs she was walking near his home in Chappaqua, new York. On Tuesday Clinton said she was actively writing his memoirs, which should be out this fall. She called this work “a painful catharsis”.

“As you can guess, it’s a painful process to relive the whole campaign,” she said.

Since the election it’s been six months, and Clinton again entered the public arena. She wants to be heard and to remain relevant, although the Democratic party has turned the page of the Clinton era and looking for new figures that could lead her to withdraw from political oblivion.

“I again became an active citizen and a member of the resistance,” Clinton said.

Some Democrats would prefer themselves to lead the resistance.

“She remains an important figure, but today we focused on new battles, — said the member of the house of representatives, the Democrat from Michigan Daniel Kilde (Daniel Kildee). — I don’t think re-contesting the last race is productive. I get up every morning and realize I have to accept the fact that the President of the USA — Donald trump”.

However, a member of the house of representatives, Democrat Keith Ellison (Keith Ellison), who was one of the few supporters of chief rival Clinton, Bernie Sanders, said that freed from the role of candidate, it can force the voters to hear themselves in new ways.

“Maybe now she can speak more openly, — said Allison. I think the book was a good session, she gives her a new energy.”

During a 35-minute dialogue with Amanpour, Clinton repeated familiar themes and storyline of your campaign. She talked about the need to support the aspirations of women and girls, and expressed his opinion about the nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

“This is one of the most vexing problems, — said Clinton. — Efforts are needed across the region to give the North Korean regime to understand that if he will continue his reckless policy on nuclear weapons, he will have to pay a much higher price, especially China.”

During an interview with Clinton several times walked through the Trump, leaving no shadow of doubt in his disapproving attitude to his politics and personal behavior. She said that Trump should be tweeting more about her than about foreign Affairs: “I would be happy to make diversity”.

“He needs to worry less about elections and the fact that I won the popular vote, and to think more about other things that are truly important for the country,” said Clinton.

She hastened to deny regular trump statements about their “historic” victory in the elections, where he received the most votes from the electoral College but lost the popular vote.

“Remember, Clinton said, — I have received three million more votes than my opponent”.

This article was prepared with the participation of David Weigel (David Weigel) and Aaron Blake (Aaron Blake).