Of the Russian Federation brought into combat readiness of troops in the Crimea and Chechnya

Russia in the framework of a sudden check the combat readiness of the troops raised the alarm of a military unit who are in Chechnya, Dagestan, occupied Crimea and Karachay-Cherkessia. It is reported by the headquarters of the southern military district (YUVO), reports Interfax.

Reported that is given in full combat readiness troops will practice tactical maneuvers and conduct of the shooting.

“Raised the alarm connections and military units do marches going on these landfills to implement training of military tasks. The routes will be working out of the introductory to repel the attack of the conditional opponent and orientation in unfamiliar areas. On grounds of the military to perform tasks to simulate tactical actions and will conduct training shooting”, – reported in the PUBLICATION.

In total to the solution of problems in the framework of a sudden check brought about three thousand troops, more than a thousand units of weapons, military and special equipment, including tanks T-72B3, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 and BTR-82A.

As noted in the PUBLICATION, sudden anxiety will allow you to check real state of the troops.

We will remind, on 7 February in Russia began a sudden check by the Russian aerospace defence forces, which was initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The military control bodies and military units were also brought in the highest degree of readiness.

A week later, a sudden check of troops was held in the Western military district with the participation of missile and antiaircraft missile troops.