Expert americanist: For Norway it all very seriously

“For Norway will be very serious, if what he said in his speech, will be carried out in practice. It is very serious for Norway. It will be drastic measures. After the 2nd world war the United States created international organisations such as NATO, and participated in them. Donald trump just says he wants to break with this tradition. This dramatic and historical gap,” says Melby in an interview with VG.

America first

In his inaugural speech, which followed immediately that he had spoken the oath of the President, trump declared that from this day on, US foreign policy will be guided by only what serves the national interests of the United States: “America first”, this could be heading.

And that would mean such a policy for the security of Norway?

— Trump initially skeptical in relation to alliances and institutions, such as NATO. He does not believe in collective collaboration. Such a small country, like Norway, has spent his entire defence and security policy that in a crisis the Americans will help us. This also will greatly affect bilateral relations of Norway and the United States. And this will have implications for our big neighbor in the East.

The 2nd world war

— Reciting the inaugural address, he delivered an election speech. Those who thought that he would be more cautious, wrong, says Melby.

Trump showed his fist, ending the speech.

— Do not forget that it is a system of international institutions, where Germany was written after the 2nd world war. If what he says is implemented, it will be the end of the era when the United States was the fulcrum of foreign policy. After the war, the United States has also claimed responsibility for a number of tasks, which was not national interest, but which were considered, in the future will still benefit the United States. Thought so, the whole foreign policy elite of the United States. Trump also thinks, says Melby.

Hope Norway

— You seem shocked?

— No, it’s all too similar to what he said during the election campaign. But he appointed the Ministers who have a different point of view on what he said in his speech. Norway it is hoped that he will heed it, although the President in foreign policy much more power than inland, says Melby.