Zaxid (Ukraine): wicked West and sovereign Ukraine

Ostentatious anti-Western mood was a symptom of the predominantly Pro-Russian forces in Ukraine. All these Communists, progressive socialists and the former regions are constantly told his electorate about the threat of external control and transformation of the state into a raw materials appendage of the West. Yet they are very intimidated the citizens by the possible accession to NATO with the inevitable mention of the boots of their soldiers, despite the fact that the boots they were not, and the Ukraine then, as a great achievement, was informed about the refusal of the army from footcloths.

“It is you, NATO?”

This rhetoric was very popular in 1990-2000-ies. Using it, the party was held in the Parliament, politicians become presidents. People, largely, all this support. But to openly declare their Pro-Western views was risky. This could lead to a drop in rankings and loss of political future. Even in conventional orange camp to declare the policy of joining NATO was not all. If President Viktor Yushchenko clearly expressed “for” that Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko avoided the topic, preferring to talk about some ephemeral European system, not the Euro-Atlantic system of collective security.

However, it is Lady Yu has put his signature under the so called three letter (together with Yushchenko and the Verkhovna Rada speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk) on granting Ukraine the action Plan on NATO membership. Its publication has caused a political scandal and led to the blocking of Parliament by the regions, who came to the session hall with balloons “NATO — no!” (wags saw in him the slogan of the NATO — hi!). Even before they are comrades of the Communist party and the Bloc of Natalia Vitrenko was glad that disrupt the Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze, which regularly happened in the Crimea, but here they already have killed ourselves to only Yankee go home.

On the Pro-Western course was negatively influenced by the personality of its promoter. President Yushchenko is rapidly losing its popularity, and this rebound impact on the geopolitical sympathies of Ukrainians. Information campaigns such as “NATO — Yes!” did not give the desired effect. Besides, few people wanted in Ukraine, a us military base that will annoy Russia and its black sea fleet. As they say, “it’s you, NATO?”.

The prospect of EU membership, too, seemed distant. Skepticism was strengthened by not only Russian politicians and their satellites in the Ukraine, but Western leaders, who said that Ukraine in the EU is not expected or compared the possibility of its integration as the appearance of the chances of African countries. So instead, it was proposed “to build Europe in Ukraine”, that is, to achieve this level of development, in order we begged to go there, and invited us to join the European community. But when that moment comes, we will think about it — we need it? Was a utopian idea: “in Europe together with Russia.” Why not, after all, someone is dreaming of Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok?

Viktor Yanukovych, who came to power with the support of the Pro-Russian electorate, made significant overtures to Moscow, despite the fact that at the beginning of the presidency, he predicted fame almost “Ukrainian Kwasniewski”. A man who, despite the fears of patriots, lead or even be able to lead the country to the West. The signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, Yanukovych was ready to forgive and corruption and harassment of political opponents.

Even Tymoshenko, the imprisoned, urged not to link the issue of her release by signing the document. But Yushchenko was ready to put a monument to his successor. Moreover, Yanukovych was so strong that “bent” almost all Party of regions faction and forced its members to “drown” for Association with the EU. Thus he was knocked out of the hands of the opposition trump card. That’s just all of a sudden, just to finish, Yanukovych broke stop-the crane and unfurled a Ukrainian train in a completely different direction.

Then again intensified anti-Western sentiment. The regionals and their supporters regarded the Euromaidan protests as organized and paid by the West share. Cookies that were distributed on Khreshchatyk assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland, raised the spirit of the protesters is not worse than the pinned oranges since the Orange revolution. Attempts by Western envoys to reach a compromise to resolve the political crisis was perceived as pressure and play on the side of the opposition.

The rhetoric of the press releases of the Party of regions is just a sample of the anti-imperialist propaganda: “the Citizens of Ukraine without any clues themselves can give an objective assessment of what is happening, no European resolution and the tricks of opposition media will prevent them from calling a spade a spade. And no matter how hard the opposition speakers, for the most part of the country, thugs with bats will remain criminals, and pushing them to illegal actions of provocateurs will remain provocateurs”.

Swing sympathy

However, after 2014 saw a change of geopolitical preferences. Increased support for integration into the EU and NATO, caused by Russian aggression in Crimea and Donbas. Ukraine has positioned itself as the Eastern Outpost of Europe at the turn of Mordor. The coveted Association Agreement with the EU was signed and, despite the protracted process and a spoke in the wheel, driven by the desire to hold a referendum, entered into force. Visa-free regime has become a reality. The policy of the EU and NATO were spelled out in the Constitution, and not just in the law. World leaders became frequent guests in Ukraine. Anti-Putin coalition worked. The sanctions regime against the Russian Federation acted. International donors provided loans, retired European politicians advised Ukrainian officials to carry out reforms. In a word, the young heart of Europe was beating in Kiev.

But over time, this enthusiasm began to subside. The pace of change does not satisfy society, utility rates resented, corruption is irritated. The word “reform” has become almost a dirty word, and talk about the reformers almost sure he used the turn “tragedy”. Populists they called the “tariff genocide” and “total poverty”.

Dissatisfaction with the actions of the government led to another wave of anti-Western sentiment, which succeeded the request for “Vikings” sample 2014-2016. Politicians and ordinary Ukrainians criticized the dirty IMF, which dictates Ukraine requirements, and not giving her money just like that, he faced accusations the American Embassy, calling it “Washington regional Committee”, for the fact that it stands up for some officials. However, all the institutional reforms just happened under the pressure of the collective West, because their implementation resisted even seemingly Pro-Western government. Money to Kiev was given in exchange for reform.

The dependence of the West gave rise to the thesis about the external control of Ukraine, which was hyped not only Russia, but also picked up by Ukrainian media and politicians, and from different camps and Pro-Moscow, and Patriotic. For example, people’s Deputy Andriy Derkach believes that during the period of pravlenia Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine headed by the Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden. “The opposition platform For life” and nationalists are convinced that the opening of the market of agricultural land, which advocated President Vladimir Zelensky, will lead to the fact that it will be buying by foreigners. And Ukraine needs to be strong and independent. Nobody has the right to dictate conditions or requirements. No need to look for someone. We, with all due respect, no decree.

Increasingly, such rhetoric can be heard from the lips of the current government. For example, Zelensky did not listen to the ambassadors of the countries “Big seven” who stood up for the former attorney-General Ruslan Ryaboshapka here and vainly urged the President to keep him in office. Speaking in Parliament, the guardian has complained that the Supervisory boards of public companies as a lot of foreigners, the Ukrainians were a minority. In addition, Zelensky resent the exorbitant salaries of people who are just watching and not working, and come to Ukraine only a few times a year.

He also denies that belongs to the circle “sorozat” young Pro-Western figures. The word acquired a scornful sound even inside a motley faction of the “Servant of the people”, not to mention the pool of guests on the channels of Viktor Medvedchuk, where revelations of “agents of influence” — one of the top topics for discussion. At a press conference in may Zelensky did not forget to remind the journalist of the anti-corruption project “Radio Liberty” “Scheme” that the media financed by foreign States. That hi the United States Congress?

“We should be an independent country. Nobody has the right to rule us,” said the President, speaking about financial independence, and then told how he personally failed to agree on increasing the IMF tranche.

Some “public servants” convince Ukrainians that the printing of money and the distribution of means is normal. Everyone is doing it. Others say that the default is not so terrible. They forget to remind you that the hryvnia and the U.S. dollar — the currency, to put it mildly, somewhat different weights. It is therefore unsurprising that 61% of citizens, according to a poll by the Kiev international Institute of sociology, believes that it is better not to cooperate with the IMF and get loans. How much can you borrow and reborrow? Take “they”, and give “us”.

Cinematic hero Zelensky in the series “the Servant of the people” Basil Goloborodko was outspoken in expressions and send international creditors so far. Except that the real President can’t afford such a “luxury”, because without the help of the IMF and the world Bank, which give signals to investors that Ukraine will not manage to patch holes in the budget and to ensure relative social and economic stability. Bother created and the story of the resignation of the Chairman of the national Bank of Yakov Smoliy.

Money can be printed, you can borrow from its Northern neighbor, but why go through Yanukovych? It is better to be a “colony of the West” than Federal district or the little Russian province of the Russian Federation. At least the world experience proves civilizational prospect of the first embodiment. And your third way leads only to the third world.