Yle (Finland): Staffan Tast is betting on housing in Russia

Beneath the surface lurks a great policy, and another Russian, the businessman said Staffan Tast (Staffan Tast), who lives in Russia since 2003. For residents of Russia relevant to the same trends as for all other European countries. It concerns and housing investment, which is engaged in Tast.

The tenants of Saint-Petersburg want to live in a bright, modern homes where everything works fine. As in many other countries, they prefer an open floor plan with combined kitchen and living room. A rent an apartment, and do not buy their own homes. It is simpler, provides more freedom of action, and do not need to take on financial commitments for many years to come.

This year one person is convenient, and quite another, says Staffan Tast. He is one of those Finns know Russia really well.

Staffan Tast had to live in many Russian cities. The first was Vladivostok, where Staffan arrived in 25 years, being a student. Then he lived in Moscow, Khabarovsk, Tula, Smolensk and St. Petersburg.

He early became interested in what is happening beyond the Eastern border of Finland.

Staffan Tast tells how another student went to someone in the province of Uusimaa, came to the Gulf coast and looked to the East.

There, in the distance, started the Soviet Union and ended all that we knew. “It seemed that I’m on the edge of the world,” recalls Tast. Then he had no idea that was going to live in Russia when I grow up.

The idea that there is such a huge area, the closer in geographical and historical sense, but still completely inaccessible, fascinated him.

His curiosity even more buoyed by the fact that others were either not interested in the Soviet Union, or criticized him.

A long way to the Russian language

The way Staffan tast in Russia was through Australia.

First to study Russian, he began, when the exchange came to study in Melbourne from the Helsinki Swedish Institute of trade.

And starting to learn the language, he didn’t want the knowledge lost, and went to Vladivostok to continue the classes.

There he loved, and love in the Russian language grew.

Staffan Tast realized that want to live abroad, but not too far from home. And in an interesting country. And what is most interesting in Europe? Of Course, Russia!

Investment in housing

Having worked for many years in Russia, salaried employee, Tast five years ago founded his own company dealing with investments in housing construction. This industry is very well developed.

More and more Russians can afford to save money, and now the total savings in private accounts is about 400 billion euros. The Central Bank of Russia expects that in ten years it will double. Investments in alternative forms of savings — for example, housing for the same period are expected to increase tenfold. This means that for such companies as St. Petersburg Qasabo Staffan tast, come good times.

Tast offers its customers the so-called investment products. This means that his company directly from developers buying customers for their tools new, modern housing, and then engaged in his rent.

Good profit

Interest on deposits in Russia in recent years has been steadily falling. Since the Central Bank recently lowered its key interest rate to a historic low of 4.5%, investors can expect only about 4% of revenue.

Alternative forms of investment bring much more. Staffan Tast says that the profit on investments in housing in recent years is approximately 7.5%, and given the increasing cost and various add-ons — as many as 13-15%.

Since housing investment is still quite easy to understand, and the risks are not so great, customers are attracted to such services. Even during coronaries the taste was a new foreign customers wishing to take advantage of the collapse of the ruble.

A good country for business

To be an entrepreneur in Russia is not as difficult as many believe. Staffan Tast says that actually organize and promote the business here is quite easy.

Of course, we have to solve bureaucratic problems, but in General nothing unusual, according to taste.

He never faced extortion or corruption scandals. This can be avoided if you work in an industry where it is impossible to cross the road, “wrong” person.

According to tasta, Russia occupies a worthy place in the international ranking on ease of doing business. It is among the thirty best business of the world.

Policy is not everything

As Staffan Tast really caught on in Russia and feel at home there, sometimes inhibit political trends in the country. A nationwide referendum on amendments in the Constitution he calls a farce. Sometimes it seems that everything is stalled. Why such a good country again fall into the same trap?

But he is pleased with daily life in Russia, it seems to be lively and dynamic. It feels like life is at the heart of this vortex of energy charges himself.

Staffan Tast encourages everyone to visit St. Petersburg is a beautiful and interesting city. According to tasta, it could be an iconic city like Berlin or Barcelona.

Tast believes that it is very helpful to understand the difference between Putin and ordinary life in Russia.

“If you like Saint Petersburg, it does not mean that you accept everything that happens in politics,” explains the entrepreneur Staffan Tast.