Turkish-Russian rapprochement scares the EU

According to the forecast of scientists, analysts, and experienced politicians, well able to assess the political situation of our days, the EU has no strength left, and his life will not be long.

Unpleasant smells emanating from the dishes that are prepared in the kitchen of the EU, were heard even in the year before, and in the last two years I have from time to time turn to this issue in their articles. The EU grows old, and his future is far from brilliant.

With the adoption of the Greek Cypriot authorities to its membership on 1 may 2004, the EU has lost much in terms of their quality and permanence. Especially with the inclusion of Romania and Bulgaria and holding a Turkey on the threshold of Union losses, the EU became even bigger than expected.

In Turkish society the number of those who want entry into the EU, varies between 20% and 30%. As a country deliberately forced to wait outside the door, this percentage can drop to single figures. A few years and desire membership in the Union, which is still at least a little remains will evaporate and it will become only a memory of the past.

Turkish politicians have seen the true face of the EU. Now they are tired that the EU is using the Greek authorities of Cyprus as a pawn in order to delay Turkey and to keep her in the Union. The political leadership of Turkey, which understands that the country will not see good from the West, was forced to turn to the Shanghai cooperation organization, and began the Turkish-Russian rapprochement.

Now Turkey is the undisputed leader of the region covering the middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus. Political, military, and economic leader. In the West neither Greece spoiled child of the EU, neither Bulgaria, nor the countries of former Yugoslavia pale in comparison. In the middle East and the Caucasus, too, there is no state that could compete with us.

Germany is the main force in the European Union. It is followed by France, then Italy. Italy is in decline, France is on the verge of decline. Business in their economies are going to matter. Italy is waiting for the right conditions and capabilities to secede from the EU.

Germany is trying to pull the EU alone, but the weak countries, whose economies are sinking, such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, underfoot.

The latest crisis, which occurred between Germany and Turkey, destroyed all the balances (the German authorities cancelled a rally in support of the referendum scheduled for April 16 in Turkey, with the participation of Turkish politicians — approx. TRANS.). The convergence taking place between Russia and Turkey, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, scared as Germany and the United States.

USA behind the scenes used extreme pressure, blackmailed Turkey, showered her with threats so that these relations did not develop further. But at least now the apparent policy of the newly elected President of Donald trump has the intention to be friends and not to quarrel with Turkey. If the President trump will be able to rein in the state Department, the Pentagon and the CIA, in the relations between Turkey and the U.S. can start a new spring. Moreover, with regard to Russia, President trump is thinking about building a friendship, not the beginning of the cold war, and cooperation with Russia on some issues.

The problem is that in the last days has arisen in the relations of Germany and Turkey, is the largest of all that has happened in the last 99 years. Germany is wary of how the regional powers of Turkey, and four million Turks living in Germany. Likewise, Germany has concerns about Russia and the fear of it. Therefore, Germany was also opposed to the rapprochement of the US with Turkey and Russia.

The election of the President of the United States Donald trump, which the Pentagon and the CIA could not subjugate, the emergence of Turkey as a significant force in the region, the desire of President Putin again make Russia a world power — all this heralds the establishment of a very different political balance. Wait and see, only this time Turkey will not be driven and losing side, and will guide and purchase…