Finnish journalist, who moved to Siberia, I bought a nice family car: 15 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers, and ground clearance of two feet

Journalist of Helsingin Sanomat, Jussi Konttinen (Jussi Konttinen), who went with his family to Siberia, bought the car, the first model of which was introduced in the 1960s.

I have to confess: moving to Siberia — an excuse so I could buy legendary Soviet SUV “loaf”. A more formal version of the name of the car — UAZ 2206.

In Finland this beast before used by the armed forces. His nickname he received because of neurodynamical form. Round headlights, like eyes, complete the look.

Ulyanovsk automobile plant produces UAZ 2206 in one design since 1960-ies. In Russia, the car known as “loaf” or “tablet” because in rural areas the car usually used by the ambulance service. Although the car is manufactured at the Volga, the Siberian is a real machine, which manages to drive where others get stuck.

Back in the fall I began to study the local automotive shops. Since I don’t know much about cars, I asked a young mechanic to help me. After talking with the seller in Yakut, he decided to recommend me handsome 2013. It was not a Museum piece: the car had a fuel injection system, anti-lock braking system and power steering. The body was raised and strengthened. Front adorned with trendy led lights. Shiny rims were decorated with antitheft.

All local, with whom I consulted, advised me to buy UAZ. “It will have to invest so much money that easier to buy a foreign car”, — said one neighbor. He praised Toyota — the most popular brand in Yakutia.

I, of course, did not believe. Five thousand Euro and my dream has come true.

No doubt, for the UAZ required investment. About a thousand had to invest in the rectification of obvious faults. It was most difficult to solve the problems associated with electronics.

Door handles often broke, and occasionally from the car had to get out through the back door.

After eight months of use I can say that this car was a good choice. So good that I even sometimes leave it a pity in Siberia…

Of course, Oise there are a number of problems. The car is calculated on the price of the Russian gas. Per 100 kilometers consumes 10-15 gallons of gasoline.

UAZ — a real family car. It fit nine people. Children enthusiastically cry out, when the car jumps into the pits for their incredible suspension. The seats can be removed and carry it in the car, the furniture or the whole family in the supine position.

Appearance of a “loaf” like a luxurious hybrid car Kleinbus and ugly samples of the Soviet automobile industry. Light gray color romantic designated in the documents as “white night”. The side Windows are decorated with purple curtains.

On the windshield was attached almost mandatory in Yakutia accessory — amulet for happiness, are made of horsehair.

The best in the Oise — sense of security: the ride height of about 30-50 centimeters, 112 horsepower, and the car is able to get out of any pit.

In early spring we made a trip to the famous Lena pillars on the frozen river. Sometimes the road goes along the shore, which on a warm day turns into a dirty swamp. UAZ without any problems overcame all obstacles, and a foreign driver even helped local whose Western cars stuck in the mud.

Riding around town is not given so easily. To back in tight places is no easy task. When shifting and the clutch, thoroughly pumped muscles.

The winter we lived in Oise worthy. For example, local mounted double glass.

We had to rent a heated garage. When driving around town the truck had the whole day to keep running.

My wife is already accustomed to controls our “loaf”. Its kind of driving is admired by others because of UAZ in Russia — only men’s vehicle. Local becomes especially fun when they see me on a nearby seat.

However, the wife has had a little shock when I was out of town on business, she was stopped by the cops and took the car. Explanation confiscation ranged from the lack of the child seat to the lack of insurance and expired vehicle documents. My wife took three days to return the car.

For the future we decided to explore the route along which you can drive through town without passing a police check. The route passes through a muddy field, but is our UAZ will stop it. Ha ha ha, the cops.