“Short shorts better to postpone”: weather forecaster warned about the cold

Especially cool will be in the evening, night and morning

In Ukraine it’s cold, and it will continue on Tuesday. On 14 July the temperature will hover around 18-23 degrees (this is after very recent +34). Also expected periodic rains in some areas.

This was reported in Facebook forecaster Natalia Didenko.

According to her, the cool air of Tuesday will cover most of the territory of Ukraine.

“During the day the temperature will fluctuate within 18-23 degrees. In the South and Southeast will be warmer, comfortable 20-26 degrees. The wind will blow from the Northwest and occasional gusts will add coolness. So straps and short shorts can be delayed… the Rain is likely on Tuesday in Chernihiv, Sumy, Poltava – there might even be thunderstorms. The rest of the places local rain clearing. Rain only in the South and East,” wrote Didenko.

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