(Norway): can the United States break up?

The Empire is about to collapse. Can the US break up into component parts? Today, this idea might seem unlikely. But how many in 1985 would have predicted that the mighty Soviet Union would fall apart? Not at all, but he still crumbled — and in just five years.

The question is: do the United States a new Balkans? July 5, 2020 a thousand armed black men marched through the Park stone mountain in Georgia with the requirement to create in US an independent black state. They are members of the militia No F**king Around Coalition” (NFAC, “a Union of those who do not suffer garbage”). Their founder, a man named Grand Master Jay, said by telephone magazine “Newsweek” (Newsweek) that he intends to proclaim in the southern United States a separate state for blacks.

Could be dismissed as a passing episode, but these requirements of deep roots and their own social and ethnic background.

Republic of New Africa (RNA) was founded in 1968 as a black independence movement. Her goal is to create in the South-Eastern United States an independent Republic with a black majority. This idea was advanced black revolutionary Malcolm X and his supporters in March 1968. They demanded separation of the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, as well as districts with a black majority in Arkansas, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida.

Other independence requirements
The U.S. Constitution provides for the right of States to self-determination, and in some of them, this idea has its supporters and real social and economic support. Other preconditions to the separation of extremely weak, but it’s hard to say where the wind will blow, if the Federal government breaks. Here is a list of the most important separatist movements:

The second California Republic
California became part of the United States in 1847 after the Mexican-American war. The staff was always a bit of itself, and from time to time, it POPs up the idea of independence. Formally, he even called California Republic.

An independent California would be the fifth largest economy in the world: in the state there is a powerful entertainment industry (Hollywood) and high technology (Silicon valley). After the 2016 election there was a petition for secession under the name “Celexa” (Calexit). Enough signatures it is not scored otherwise would be held a referendum on secession.

The Republic Of Texas
Texas was annexed from Mexico in 1836, but left the United States before the civil war. Lincoln subsequently recognized and unique history of Texas and the state again became part of the United States, but has since strongly cultivates their identity. In 2016, the Texans asked whether they would support independence, if you win the election Hillary Clinton: 48% said “no”, but as many as 40% said “Yes”.

The Republic Of Alaska
Alaska remained under Russian rule until 1867, when it was acquired by the United States for $ 7.2 million. The status of Alaska has only received 3 January 1959. The independence party of Alaska (AKIP) is the third largest in the state. This libertarian, the conservative party demands Department. At the moment their support is low.

Hawaii, the island state far out in the Pacific ocean, much different from the rest. The United States annexed the archipelago after the American-Spanish war in 1898, but the state only gave in 1959. The natives of the Hawaiian Kingdom died EN masse after contact with the outside world, and only recently the island’s indigenous population made up half of the 1770. The movement for the independence of Hawaii (ke ea Hawai’i) is seeking independence or autonomy, and in it many separate factions. If the Federation of American States would weaken the independence of the Hawaiian Islands are not excluded.

Other independence requirements

Here is a list of other States or of areas where the distributed requirements of independence:

The Republic Of Vermont
Cascadia (a vast territory on the Pacific coast from the canadian British Columbia and the American States of Washington and Oregon to California, approx. transl.)

New England
The Republic of Lakota (American Indian movement activists from Lakota, claims on the part of the States of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana, approx. transl.)

Puerto Rico

The collapse of the Empire — the process is painful

As you can see, in the US there are many preconditions for Balkanization, and if the Central government collapses, it is possible that there are other.

The US economy is having hard times. The country has huge external debt and the financial crisis not out to growth. Decrepit Empire always loses to China on new fronts and also obsessed with losing military adventures, which further undermine its economy.

Anyone who knows how to read and understand macroeconomics, understands that the days of Empire are numbered. The question is not, will pass China to USA, and when. The answer to the last question — by the end of the next decade.

Another question arises: will the Empire to adapt to the new reality, or she is doomed and will burn to the ground, taking with him the others?

It’s a rhetorical question. The Empire did not disappear little by little. They explode or crumble.

US now — the Western Roman Empire before the collapse. The country’s debt, which is growing exponentially. Its currency essentially worthless, but supported military hegemony. The country is at war behind the war, but all of their loses. The citizens of the country to participate in them don’t want, so you have to recruit mercenaries. Rivals overtake US here and there. In a country of 40 million unemployed and the country creeps hunger. Add armed militias and tradition to solve conflicts with weapons — you get an explosive cocktail.

The ruling class in the United States decided to put up the house and putting it all on red. “Neocons” are going to solve the problems of war. But the catch is that such a war would destroy the United States itself. Not easier because the filthy rich citizens got into the habit of buying nuclear bunkers luxury.

But to eliminate American hegemony is not so simple. In the modern world, rule the Empire of the United States. All global trade, monetary system, world trade, agriculture, energy system — all saddle of the United States. If the United States will disintegrate, collapse and the global system. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Europe took 1,400 years to the production finally came out on the same level.

The United States increasingly resemble Western Roman Empire in its last days. Win the wars of the barbarians, its currency worthless, the industry is in miserable form, crumbling infrastructure, the rivals pulled ahead on all fronts, on Parnassus, the ruling class does not meet, and political decline to a new level. How long will last this country before the explosion? Answer: this will happen a lot faster than the collapsed Western Roman Empire.