How to survive summer in the office without air conditioning

Unfortunately, not every office is equipped with modern air conditioning – a thing simply irreplaceable in a stuffy and hot summers. If you do so, don’t be discouraged, but rather take into service some useful tips, writes the

1. Don’t rush to enjoy the air conditioning in your office. Often it becomes the cause of respiratory illnesses among workers. Temperature, which normally moves the body – 20-22 degrees, provided that the air conditioning is not on your table, and on the opposite wall, 2-3 metres.

2. To humidify the air in the office you can put on your table an open container with water or periodically espressiva water spray. To refresh the air in the room, also can put on the window-sills pots of potted flowers.

3. As soon as you notice that you’re not feeling well, become distracted, and your health is rapidly declining, then walk along the corridor or at the office, brew a Cup of green tea. All the important things it is better to move at night or the next morning, when the heat will give up the position.

4. Try to wear to work the more free stuff from loose fabricsthat allow the body to breathe – this will greatly facilitate your suffering from the summer heat.

5. Do not wear jeans – they practically do not leak air. Free and elegant pants made of light fabrics will look much more attractive.