Espresso (Ukraine): the Kremlin needs only the surrender of Ukraine

For rounded words from an interview with the Deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Kozak, the UN — all the same the requirement of the surrender to the Kremlin for many years after the occupation of Crimea and Donbas calls on Ukraine

Yes, it is possible to argue that no ultimatums that Russia seeks to end conflict on its Western borders that the frozen conflicts are not needed, but the conflict continues because of the “unconstructive” of the Ukrainian side.

It’s all a big lie Dmitry Kozak and his boss, Vladimir Putin. Because the conflict in the Donbass lasts exactly for one reason — the presence of occupying troops and mercenaries on Ukrainian territory. There will be no troops — there will be no conflict. Russia in this conflict, not a mediator, she is the occupier.

The puppet authorities do not Express any opinion of the “people of Donbass”, they Express exclusively the opinion of their “curators” of the FSB and SVR. If you drive out Russian troops — as they were driven out of Slavyansk or Kramatorsk conflict will end in 24 hours without any “special status”. Despite the fact that residents of the liberated territories can vote in elections for opsi or the opposition bloc, what? Ukraine is a democratic state, this is not Putin’s Russia.

All that really makes Kozak tries to legitimize the Russian occupation of Donbass and to achieve the expansion of Russian influence in the whole territory of Ukraine. That is why the negotiation process stalled. And he remained stalled until Putin and his associates remain in the Kremlin.