Público (Spain): no, Russia would not vote for trump!

“Trump is the candidate of Putin”, — assured the Democrats Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, and the Bloomberg TV channel, in turn, calls US President a “puppet” in the hands of the President of Russia and claims that the Kremlin will once again interfere in American elections 3 November 2020, as it presumably did in 2016. Except no one thinks that Donald trump is the President, who led the anti-Russian policy in modern U.S. history.

According to some media reports, during the second “of Regata” the Kremlin will provide the incriminating data, than provoke a scandal and will change the course of elections. As if the real trump and Biden is not sufficient to cause rejection: two white millionaire discrimination who are over seventy and who for all these years is clearly not gathering intelligence. Now they are destined to cope with the crisis that will survive the aggressive and at the same time the futility of US imperialism.

How to intervene in the election?

How can you say, as do many in the United States that Russia, which is considered “power with average abilities” could put their own man into the White House? Why didn’t she do that during the Soviet Union when she was bigger and motives, and possibilities? Why Russia don’t do the same in European countries, so as to change the balance of forces in the world in their favor?

Even if Russia wanted to do that, she would have lacked the resources and capabilities of the infrastructure required for such large-scale operations. Its Embassy in Washington is “under siege” and under constant control, and if someone thinks that millions of Americans were under the influence of hypnotic suggestion RT and Sputnik, it’s just stupid. USA is much superior to Russia in the sphere of development of information technologies. And along with the economy, Finance and the military industry.

According to the facts, not hypotheses and changes in the trends of the popular vote or even vote rigging in a country that considers itself “the guardian of democratic values”, stood by her leaders. There are facts to prove it:

1. In 1980, Republican candidate Ronald Reagan, who really wanted to take the presidency, has entered into an agreement with another state, namely Iran. In exchange for weapons and money he was asked to leave 52 employees of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in captivity for a further 77 days, although they were already there for 367 days. They were to be let go after presidential elections, so as to defeat the “incompetent” to Jimmy Carter. And so it happened. Agreement between the Christian fundamentalist and Shia was crucial to the Republicans managed to settle in the White House. In the film “Operation “Argo”” is not told about how the new President had betrayed American “democracy.” Not covered in it, and another reason for the illegality of this action: Reagan, in addition to violations of the rules of the elections and the detriment of the citizens of the United States, had violated the ban on arms sales to the Islamic regime imposed by Congress for the capture of the Embassy.

2. In 2000, the Republicans rigged the voting results in Florida in favor of George Bush, thereby to damage the Democrat albert Gore, who adhered to the supposedly insufficiently “hawkish” positions. They did it with 327 votes sent by mail. Not surprisingly, trump fears of vote by mail. Moreover, it can create a crowd of people at the polling stations at the time of continuing danger from the covid-19

3. In 2016, Pro-Israel and Pro-Saudi lobbies have a big impact on what trump became President of the United States, even more than other American citizens. For example, a Jewish magnate and casino owner Sheldon Adelson (Sheldon Adelson) has provided a campaign trump $ 25 million, provided that trump would have done against Iran, and if he is threatened with an atomic bomb, it will be even better. Why do you think the first official visit trump struck in Saudi Arabia and Israel, thereby violating existing traditions? “Helped” Trump and the Democrats: they put such an unattractive candidate as Hillary Clinton, what part of the party refused to vote. After all, Hillary was accused of war crimes, corruption and that it is a supporter of military conflicts.

4. On the eve of elections 2020 Donald trump asked the President to get some dirt on Joe Biden, promising to provide $ 400 million in military aid. Recall that the money was to pay with the consent of the Congress from the state budget. Able trump and other tricks. Professor of political science at Fordham University in new York, Monica McDermott (Monika McDermott) warns that in this election, it may order to close polling stations in areas where many African-Americans or supporters of the democratic party, or even a “mistake” to exclude “Democrats from the voter lists”.

US interference in elections in other countries

These American gentlemen who now calling out of honesty and maintaining “values”, also directly interfered in the elections of other countries, often resorting to such methods as a coup, a “color revolution” and bombings “in the name of democracy”: Chile, Afghanistan, Iraq… And you won’t believe: Russia! In this country, in 1996 the United States created a complex structure that allowed them to retain power over his person, corrupt and useless Boris Yeltsin. Damage was caused to the candidate from the Communist party Gennady Zyuganov. For this 1) via the US Agency for international development, the International Bank for reconstruction and development, European Union and private sponsors, the United States funded Russian privatization center, which was led by Anatoly Chubais. His task was to destroy state-owned enterprises, wrote about it many Russian publications. 2) as soon As the US strengthened the position of Russian entrepreneurs (which they now contemptuously called “oligarchs”) and Chubais, they have allocated funds for the election campaign of Yeltsin in 1996 year. 3) did Not remain in the loser and Chubais: he received the influential post of the first Deputy Chairman of the government if re-elected the President of Russia. The same Boris Yeltsin in October 1993 ordered to bomb the Parliament building where he was shot some 200 military who resisted. The intervention of the United States in 1996, the year in elections in Russia was one of the most egregious interventions in the elections in modern world history.

Russia: from ally to horror stories

When the Lord Yeltsin and Gorbachev betrayed his state, wanted to join the “club of capitalist countries”, they know the way to get there is through the acceptance of the patronage of the US. The arrogance of a superpower, which prevents it to understand the psychology of the former empires (Russia, Iran, Turkey), usually turns against her. If to humiliate them, then eventually they will become your worst enemies.

The United States considered that “unilateral concessions” Russia was not enough. She had to agree to the unification of Germany, close my eyes for the American war against Iraq in 1991, the criminal sanctions against the Iraqi people for 12 years, the aggression against Afghanistan in 2001, the bombing of Libya in 2011 by NATO forces. In addition, the Russian Federation had to cooperate with the Alliance and even create the Council Russia — NATO. He allowed NATO surveillance over the military, which in connection with the termination of the existence of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, was supposed to gradually abolish it.

The end of “cooperation” between Moscow and Washington and the beginning of demonizing the new President of Russia, Vladimir Putin came when he offered an alternative. From his point of view, Russia had to remain a country with a capitalist economy, but it does not depend on US, and to restore the great power status. According to the “doctrine of Putin” it was impossible to impose neoliberal policies and all the forces needed to avoid Ukraine, are strategically important for Russia, in the hands of the Alliance, which aims to remove the Russian Federation in its current form from the political scene. The inclusion in NATO of the countries of Europe became the main instrument of the United States to establish control on the continent. But with Ukraine’s membership in NATO will have to wait. The Russians have every right to worry about his safety, which constantly threatened the West: it came out Napoleon in 1812 and Hitler’s Nazis, which killed 25 million Soviet citizens (as in the text, the official statistics of Russia 27 million dead — approx. ed.).

© RIA Novosti, Ilya Pitalev | go to Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the President of the United States Donald trump during a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka

Why Putin would not vote for trump

Despite the positive attitude trump to his Russian counterpart, the US President right when he argues that “no one was so tough with Russia,” as he is. To prevent Russia to regain superpower status is the main goal of Washington. Moscow is developing a strategic partnership with China, and what’s worse, in 2018, 66% of respondents said that they miss the Soviet era. All this makes us both parties nervous. To address these challenges the following actions of the government of trump:

— Attempts to surround Russia on all sides, crossing boundaries of Euro-Atlantic security structures. To create conditions for the invasion of the Eurasian space of a thousand soldiers.

— In February 2019 from the White House and not from Congress, it’s decision to suspend the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range.

— In may 2020 announced the US decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies.

In 2017, the announced sanctions against Russia on the basis of American law “On combating the enemies of America by sanctions” (CAATSA), by 2018 the action extended under the pretext of “cyber-attacks and interference in elections.”

— An attempt to force Germany to suspend the project of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2” with participation of Russia, when to build will be only 160 of 1230 km.

— The decision to withdraw from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, thereby dealing another blow to multilateralism. The goal is to get Tehran to sign an agreement with Washington, disregarding other powers, to impose the most severe sanctions Iran and to expel the Russian companies, for example, “Rosneft”, from this country.

— The granting Ukraine military aid to $ 250 million.

— The expulsion of Russian diplomats because of the poisoning of former Russian spy in Britain.

— Killing a couple of dozen of Russian contract soldiers during the bombing in Syria. The goal is to negate the outcome of the peace talks in Astana, aimed at ending the war.

— Attempts to exert increasing pressure on Venezuela, Iran, Syria and Cuba for their relations with Russia.

— An attempt to weaken international organizations, primarily the UN, UNESCO, who and others, which in a certain way limited the U.S. ability to use force.

— Spreading false news that was created in 1918, the GRU, the military intelligence service of the Russian Federation, “paid to the Taliban for killing an American soldier.” This quote was published in the newspaper New York Times, quoting a source close to the White House. In addition, according to opponents of Donald trump, his plan for the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and Syria will not bring Russia good. The Pentagon will simply replace them with the latest weapons to make the arms trade more profitable. However, “void”, which would leave the US, is a hostile Russian forces.

Finally, a unilateral approach, the neo-isolationism of Donald trump, his weakness of character and the unstable political situation does not make it a good candidate for the Kremlin. In Moscow realize that the new presidential term, trump will not improve relations with Russia, and so stalled.

And what about Joe Biden?

“The Russians don’t want to chose me,” says the democratic candidate. “They like Bernie [Sanders],” he adds, acknowledging that his statements are not based on facts. It is true that Sanders does not consider the Russian monsters, but he, too, supported sanctions against the country and allowed the media to manipulate themselves. Just a day before the meeting of the democratic party in Nevada February 22, 2020, the Washington Post published the news that Russia would intervene in the elections and will support Sanders. This not only compromised Sanders, as the “agent” of Moscow, but also caused him to fall on Russian criticism, to prove their independence. “Hey, Mr. Putin! If I become President of the United States, believe me, you won’t be able to interfere in the American elections,” Sanders said in an interview. Sanders real sin was that he spoke against American militarism and has focused on social support tens of millions of poor across the country. In the end he had to concede Biden.

Biden supported Russia’s accession to the world trade organization (WTO), Council of Europe and the international monetary Fund, thereby showing commitment to liberal internationalism, the aim of which is cooperation between States, based on adopted West rules. However, it is not against the war: Biden supported bombing of Serbia and Montenegro in the aggression against Iraq in 2003 (although later he regretted). He supported action against Syria, Yemen and Libya, as he no longer regretted.

Biden stands for:

— Cooperation with Russia in arms control, including nuclear.

— Easing pressure on Iran, the release of its big market and prevent its rapprochement with China and Russia.

— The restoration of diplomatic relations with Moscow. “If in the midst of the cold war, Washington has continued its dialogue with Moscow, it is because he couldn’t afford a miscalculation that could lead to war,” recalls Joe Biden.

— Renewal of agreements on arms control with Russia. “The Soviets wanted to enter into a contract with the United States because I didn’t trust them. For this reason, the US must sign agreements with their opponents. This is necessary to ensure the safety of our country,” said Biden.

— The end of the war in Yemen, where the advantages of Saudi Arabia.

However, in the framework of the Russophobic tradition Biden called President Putin’s “killer-autocrat” and promised that, if the “occupation” of the White House they he:

— Will maintain sanctions against Russia.

— Increase the support the US is providing Ukraine.

— Strengthen NATO to counter Russian aggression, because, according to him, Putin’s ultimate aim is not the restoration of the USSR, and the disintegration of the European Union.

— Continue the militarization in Eastern countries in connection with Russia’s aggression against Georgia and Ukraine.

— Support Russian civil society in its fight against “the authoritarian kleptocratic system of President Putin”.

— Appoint the Vice-President a woman. She might even be black. Thus he will oppose politicians that perpetuate the discrimination of women.

Perhaps, trump will be one of the American presidents who held this post for only one term as Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George Herbert Walker Bush senior. Although the advantage of Biden before the trump is that he’s predictable politician, to stand at the head of the divided society and the country in crisis, and it will not be easy.

Russia, like other countries, is to reflect on which of these two candidates is the lesser evil for universal peace.