Drivers, sellers and Babysitting again need: how the weakening of the quarantine impact on jobs and wages

Most employers are looking for handymen, waiters and security guards

Quarantine in Ukraine has been ongoing for almost four months. Because of the quarantine and the crisis, many were left without work, but with restrictions may have begun to remove and life is slowly returning to normal. How has the labour market since the beginning of the epidemic, some experts are now looking for and how much money to offer – I found out the website Today.

What has changed in the labour market

With the beginning of the quarantine has changed the approach to work. Many companies sent their employees home to work remotely as possible. For example, on OLX Work from February to April, the request for remote working increased by 83%. And with the continuation of the quarantine and the number of vacancies as a whole began to grow.

“Despite the fact that the country still apply quarantine restrictions, from April to may the number of vacancies increased in all the spheres presented on OLX Work. While a similar trend is observed if we compare may with “dekorativnym” February, almost all categories of proposals were more, some even two or three times: in the spheres of service and life (+156%) and protection (+219%)”, — noted in the company OLX.

Employers say the labor market for the quarantine period has decreased, because many companies suffered financial losses, was forced to close or suspend the implementation of major projects. However, the number of applicants has increased, and their requests were declined.

“Job seekers have become much more, and they become much more loyal to the employer’s requirements. Earlier recruiters had to search for possible candidates, but now it is enough to publish a job on one of the specialized sites and get a lot of responses. Candidates can write or call the employer. Mostly those specialists who have previously worked in the service sector, trade, logistics, that is, the industries that suffered most during the quarantine,” says Antonina Stadnik, HR generalist company UAPAY.

Although many industrial enterprises have ceased to feel an acute shortage of personnel, with the expected opening of borders, the situation may change.

“The full picture at this stage is unclear — a lot of uncertainty with the mode of entry to the EU, which traditionally Ukrainians go to work. Therefore, the situation can develop in several directions, depending on whether in the near future the workers to leave or not. Now, many are waiting. Further recovery is seen as real in areas related to the delivery and online services,” — says Valentina Beam, HR Director EDS Engineering.

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