Ukraine imposes its historic policy

Interview with historian Andrzej Zapalovsky

— Nasz Dziennik the Ukrainian authorities continue to hinder the search and exhumation of remains of genocide victims in Volhynia and soldiers who died at the hands of the NKVD in September 1939. They say they would change their position only if the village is restored Groszowice illegally placed monument of the Ukrainian insurgent army (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.). They didn’t change their decision even after this point there is a cross in memory of Ukrainians who saved poles…

— Zapalovsky Andrzej (Andrzej Zapałowski): It is not that other, as attempt to break the poles, imposing Ukrainian historical policies related to the promotion of Ukrainian nationalism. During the period of the Second Commonwealth, this policy has acquired features of a terrorist, and in the years of the Second world war and after it led to the genocide in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia. The conditions put forward by Warsaw, are beyond reasonable in terms of historical facts, and Christian morality. We are required in the name of political correctness to call the executioners and their victims, but it we go can not.

— Ditches, where the rest of the poles who died defending Lviv, dig and Rob the so-called black diggers. They tend to complicate the identification of victims?

It shows how our partner at the negotiating table. This is not done in its territory even the Germans and the Russians. It’s just barbaric and the lack of an accepted in all civilized Nations, to honor the dead. Ukrainian nationalists, guiding Western Ukraine, trying to erase the traces semitecolo the presence of Poland in the region, resorting to methods which were alien even to primitive peoples.

— Representatives of the Polish diplomacy say that with the Ukrainian side to engage in dialogue, but is it possible to tie a meaningful discussion with those who, as Svyatoslav Sheremet or Vladimir vyatrovich, denies the fact of the Volyn massacre?

— The dialogue can be conducted with a reasonably-minded people, not those who are drugged Bandera ideology. Chances of a discussion with such representatives of the Ukrainian side, as Sheremet or viatrovych, no, but to attempt to establish a dialogue, of course, necessary. The current situation should make us (especially our government) to be aware partner will appear behind the Eastern border of Poland, if all the power goes out there into the hands of the nationalists. Unfortunately, the Polish policy has so far only contributed to their activities.

— Now take the Polish government to fulfil its duty in respect of their dead citizens?

— We document and describe in the media to keep the evidence of what is happening. Our deceased compatriots for several decades was waiting for a decent burial, while the Polish government could not, or guided by political correctness, did not want to rescue them from oblivion. It makes no sense now humbly ask the barbarians to issue an exhumation order and the perpetuation of the memory of these people. However, our compatriots, for whom honor was not an empty word, a concept, which they wore in their hearts that would not. One thing is clear: the Polish government should stop supporting the Ukrainian government, while it will not change policy against our country.

— Poland is experiencing an influx of migrants from Ukraine. What kind of phenomenon we are facing?

Is not good, a serious problem that will only get worse. Meanwhile in Poland appear irresponsible proposals to adapt to the immigrants from the East, for example, creating for them special projects in school education. It is a cardinal error, because such standards shall apply only to ethnic minorities with Polish citizenship. Polish schools with Polish language of education can open the door before the children came to Poland labour migrants, only if they will operate within our cultural norms and standards. No one bothers Ukrainians to open their money on private school.

— Can the Ukrainians to assimilate, according to Deputy Prime Minister Gowing Yaroslav (Jarosław Gowin), in the Polish society?

— Assimilation is a complex and lengthy process, which under favorable conditions is stretched by at least three generations. I fear that coming to Poland the Ukrainians will be affected by different criminal organizations, and eventually unable to even connect to the separatist forces, it is important for the East of our country, and for Upper Silesia, where Ukrainians can become natural allies of the Movement for autonomy. This creates an additional hazard.

— In Wroclaw is now from 80 to 100 thousand citizens of Ukraine, and the mayor of this town invites new. He was appointed the Advisor for the Ukrainians and said that it’s culturally close to the Polish people.

— Such is the mockery of history! Let me remind you that among the inhabitants of Wroclaw many descendants of people who fled from the vicinity of Lviv: they were expelled from the land on which they lived for many centuries. In families with such roots remember the genocide, Ukrainian nationalists staged in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia. Now in Poland come from Ukrainian cities and villages, where exiled poles. Moreover, often people who have failed to succeed in the home country. Anyway, while coming to us Ukrainians behave loyally, all right, but if they (perhaps) will start to promote their Bandera characters, you may experience the Polish-Ukrainian conflict.

— We open doors to Ukrainians, and for our Eastern border have been attacks not only on a diplomatic mission, but also on religious objects: recently, “Molotov cocktails” pelted, in particular, a female monastery in Bryukhovychi Lviv region and a synagogue in Lviv. Who is behind these incidents, in which direction everything is moving?

— There are several aspects. First, we do not see effective action by the Polish intelligence services, whose task is to identify persons involved in such incidents. People who demonstrate negative attitude to Poland and poles, should not be allowed to work in our country. The Polish government should openly announce it. Second, note that for this kind of incidents can stand the special services of other States.

— In this context, what Ukraine’s chances of joining the EU?

— Ukraine is on the verge of economic collapse, the continued process of fragmentarization of this state. In some regions the monopoly on the use of force transferred from the state to the criminal organizations. In such circumstances, no one will take on the expense of 40 million people and Ukraine’s accession to the EU would be reduced to this. The EU has had fifteen years (provided that the Ukrainian state will be able to defeat the omnipresent corruption) to direct all the funds from the cohesion Fund to raise the standard of living in a country that is twice the size of Poland.

— Thank you for the interview.