“Shame for the country”: Zelensky inspected the sunken tanker and ordered to remove the “edifice”

The President called the failure to remove the vehicle after the crash a sign of “impotence of power”

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in the course of his working trip to Odesa region visited the wreck of the tanker “Delphi”, which sank off the city beaches of Odessa and demanded as soon as possible to remove the ship.

This was reported in the Office of the President.

“I’m telling you my personal opinion. Since November [tanker is not removed – Ed.] it’s a shame for the country and for Odessa in particular. We now have the last date, so I beg you to 20 number get it off the ship,” – said the head of state.

While Zelensky added that if the local authorities can’t carry out its order on their own, he sends the necessary help.

“If you are not able to remove, we send every – MCHS at the state level, all the cuts will go, nobody will be interested in, law or no law. Now the fact that here, people on a beach holiday, we Nov show, frankly, that impotence of the authorities…”, he warned.

The President noted that, in his opinion, “time and so defended by your owner, you don’t need my protection, time he defended and gave you more than six months”.

“July 20 should remove this edifice,” he said Zelensky.

We will remind that earlier it was reported that the tanker “Delphi”, which sank last fall, continues to drain the oil, they already reached the beach Otrada and continue to reach out to the side of the beloved residents and tourists of Langeron.

As you know, the tanker sank after a storm on 22 November 2019: standing in the water area of port “South” under the Romanian flag, the ship broke anchor and drifted in the direction of Odessa. Thus the shipowner is not a long time out, and the captain refused to provide any information about the owner.