The Telegraph (UK): a new version of origin, coronavirus

Senior research fellow at the Oxford Centre of evidence-based medicine Professor Tom Jefferson, said that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 — is a dormant virus that probably was not created in a laboratory in Wuhan, and “woke up” when a certain combination of natural factors. On Sunday, July 5, reported the Daily Telegraph.

“I think the virus was already here and by “here” I understand “everywhere”. Quite possibly, we are dealing with a sleeping virus, which was activated by the environmental conditions,” said Jefferson.

Scientist noted that before the appearance in China, the virus was found in various parts of the world.

For example, SARS-CoV-2 in March of last year was recorded in the sewage of Barcelona. Check sewage of the Italian cities of Milan and Turin also showed the presence of coronavirus in December 2019, and in the wastewater in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis traces of the virus found in November 2019.

As evidence of his hypothesis, the Professor suggests the situation of the Falkland Islands, where in early February recorded a case of infection COVID-19. “Where did he come there? “asked Jefferson.

He compared the pandemic coronavirus pandemic of the Spanish flu in 1918-1920.

“In 1918, about 30% of the population of Western Samoa died from the Spanish flu, even though they had no contact with the outside world”, — said the scientist.

According to him, the explanation lies in the fact that the agents mentioned diseases “come from nowhere and not going anywhere”.

“They are always here and sometimes something activates them, can be, the density of world population, or environmental conditions, and that is what we have to study,” concluded Jefferson.

We will remind, in may, the who excluded the origin COVID-19 outside of China, however, confirmed the likelihood that the virus had previously spread through the world unnoticed.