Sözcü (Turkey): a superfood, which is perfectly cleanses the blood vessels

Regular consumption of walnuts or walnut oil significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and protects against heart attack. One study showed that four hours after eating handfuls of walnuts reduces the level of cholesterol in the body and improves the flexibility of blood vessels, which promotes better blood flow. The result of the study revealed benefits of walnuts and walnut oil for the heart, it turned out that regular consumption of these foods protects us from cardiovascular diseases.

“And only eating a handful of walnuts or peanut butter four days a week, you can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,” says Professor of nutrition at Penn state University, Dr. penny Kris etherton (Penny Kris Eterton). In this study, first of all, I installed the portion of nuts that we need every day to be healthy.

If you eat just three tablespoons (51 grams) of walnut oil, you will improve the condition of their blood vessels for four hours. Walnut oil was particularly beneficial for endothelial cells that line blood vessels and play an important role in their elasticity.

The benefits for the heart and blood vessels

So, walnuts as part of a healthy diet good for the heart. This product contains unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients can be important snack. If you have heart problems, you will be especially useful to include walnuts in your diet.

Use for bones

Some experts say that walnuts because of their caloric content causes an increase in body mass, however, most experts say that a moderate consumption of this product calories, get with it, not deposited in the fat reserves of the body, besides the substances it contains help to strengthen bones.

Benefits for the skin

Walnuts as a rich source of fatty acids omega-3 and copper is also very useful for the skin. Drinking two to three walnuts a day improves skin elasticity and helps the skin cells to stay alive.

Good for the brain

Due to the fact that along with linoleic, alpha-linolenic acid, walnuts contain vitamins E and B6, they have a positive effect on the nervous system. Some scientists believe that the food is particularly useful for those authorities to which they are similar, but the walnut resembles the brain. But walnuts don’t just like the brain, and do possess beneficial properties for this body. First of all, walnuts can function as an anti-depressant when dealing with stress, besides is a healing tool for those who have trouble sleeping. Eating walnuts before going to sleep through they contain tryptophan can solve the problem of insomnia.

Use in diabetes

The most common problem with diabetes — improving blood glucose. Walnuts help to maintain the blood sugar at a good level and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes.

Protection against “bad” cholesterol

Eating four or five walnuts a day improves the level of “good” cholesterol and helps to rid the body of “bad” cholesterol. However, this product cleans and dilates blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.