Zelensky knew the former head of the NBU made an unexpected confession

Resin confirmed that it took the decision to leave after meeting with Zelensky

The former head of the National Bank Yakov Smoliy claims that he discussed his resignation with President Vladimir Zelensky, who has submitted to Parliament the relevant draft resolution, a few days before the official statement. About this Smoliy said at a briefing, answering a question hromadske.

“A few days ago I had a meeting with the President of Ukraine, where we discussed the procedure and time when I submit a resignation”, – he said.

Thus care Smoliy from office before placing the 12-year Eurobond at 1.75 billion dollars was not a completely unexpected event.

Almost immediately after the high profile announcement, Ukraine has postponed the announced placement of 12-year Eurobonds. Earlier it was planned that Ukraine will place a “long” 12-year Eurobonds maturing in March 2033 in the amount of 1.75 billion dollars. The deal was launched on 1 July. Initially, the benchmark yield was equal to 7,875%, then it was reduced to 7,625% and, finally, to 7.3-7.4 percent.

The “Today” wrote that the beginning of the second half of 2020 was marked by an unexpected change in the Ukrainian financial sector. On 1 July the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy wrote the application about addition from itself powers. That will lead to this decision, see the article: “the Resignation of Yakov Smoliy: what will be the new course“.