How water can help with headaches

Take a pill – even the most severe headache. So we are very convincing on television, changing only the name pills. But not so simple. All pills have contraindications and side effects that can cause you more harm than the headache. Perhaps this is the reason of your pain is dehydration, and then to resolve it you need not to swallow pills, and drink clean water and to apply water treatments. So experts say Free drinking writes

Kiev nutritionist Nadezhda Melnichuk believes that a healthy person needs daily to consume 2-2,5 liters of liquid. In the hot season need more fluid, less in the winter. However you need to remember that the total amount of liquid includes the water itself, and juices, tea, liquid porridges, soups , vegetables, etc. So if we talk only about the water, that person is usually enough to drink 1-1,5 l a day.

What could headache

First of all, you need to remember that headache may be a symptom of a very serious disease, so if symptoms persist you need to contact the doctor and undergo a detailed examination.

Very often a headache can be caused by psychological or physical stress, and fatigue. Another common cause of the so – called periodic or seasonal pain. Women is primarily, premenstrual headaches. Many people headache only in the heat or, on the contrary, in the period of severe cold.

Sometimes the cause of headaches is hormonal changes in the body. This type of pain include the majority of migraine headaches. Usually the person who suffers migraine, the pain is not the whole head, and some of its plot. Migraine is very severe pain, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, increase light and noise sensitivity. Finally, another cause of headaches is sinusitis (frontal sinusitis, sinusitis), and other diseases provoked by hypothermia, and viral and(or) infectious inflammation.

What helps water

If the headache is caused by stress or fatigue, the usual drinking and water procedures will help remove the cause of the headache. Many experts believe that with periodic and hormonal headaches a few glasses of cool water and a relaxing shower, wet compress or bath it can replace pain pills. Anyway, worth a try.

In addition, it is important to remember that water can help you not only to deal with a headache, but also to prevent its occurrence. It is important to drink water, not other liquids. For example, such beverages as coffee or soda just leads to dehydration, i.e., causing a headache.

From popular recipes to relieve a headache may bandage on his forehead. If you can not wet the head with water, soak the cloth in cool water and apply on the forehead. The relief is felt immediately.

When it should be wary

If the intake of water edema, consult a doctor. Nutritionist website Svetlana FUS’m sure that the appearance of even the slightest swelling it is necessary to conduct comprehensive medical examinations to exclude renal and cardiac pathology, as well as problems with the endocrine system (diabetes, thyroid).