On the “Wall” with Russia want to spend another 4.5 billion hryvnia: document

If the Cabinet accepts these proposals, the total project cost will increase to 6.2 billion UAH

The state border service proposes to allocate an additional UAH 4.5 billion for the resettlement of Ukrainian-Russian border in the framework of the project “the Wall”. It is reported by the organization StateWatch, citing the explanatory note of the state border service

If the Cabinet will accept such offers, the total cost of the Wall will increase to 6.2 billion UAH since the beginning of project implementation by the state border service had been spent 1,7 billion UAH.

At the moment, the proposal of the state border service aimed at harmonizing the relevant ministries and departments.

“The guards refer to the increase in the cost of materials and wages of workers and increase in terms of performance budget program, which provides for implementation of the project,” says StateWatch.

The project “the Wall” on the Ukrainian-Russian border will be completed by 2021 – Chical