Horoscope for July 16-22: the Twins will increase income and expenses, and Aquarius are waiting for victories in the competitions

ARIES. Your task is to give back to the family. Love with all your heart family, solve everyday problems, and focus on improvement in the house. Do not spare resources, it will be worth it. Now comes the preparation of a solid family behind for next year.

In the sphere of love that’s coming “reset,” as it was before, it will not, however, is not a reason to ignore moral standards. Keep in mind that amorous adventures, sex, money, pleasures of the flesh can push to fatal consequences. Next the blessed one partner with whom fun, interesting, therefore, to seek adventure on the side of stupid.

TAURUS. A friendly environment will appreciate that you will have influential friends with whom pleasant to communicate, spend their leisure time. Financial condition will improve. This year the challenge of fate —to become Atlanta family well-being.

All the strings are under the shelter home. There should be something to upgrade, repair, change the interior, creating a comfortable environment in the house, that all was well. Some are destined to change the place of residence. Be sure to consider the tastes and wishes of the household! They are broadcast through a happy chance.

GEMINI. You are energetic, charismatic, light fans, attract talented people. To break someone’s heart difficulties will not make. Clearly decide what you want at this stage and confidently move to the goal, not sprayed on nonessential things. Now the desire to form goals.

Mix it up, tie relationships with people of high spiritual culture, is a new influential acquaintances destined to make a decisive coup in life.

Someone to distance himself, but someone from casual acquaintances to bring themselves for spiritual unity — decide.

Income and expenses will increase, money will flow like water through his fingers. But pamper not only yourself, loved ones, but will certainly make a lot of gifts, Finance initial household expenses, buy the most necessary things for household needs.

CANCERS. Around you glows a bright halo of energy, it captivates the audience, serves as a temptation to manipulate the people for the implementation of the plans. Stay dignified, mouth, of the unseen silent.

Yes, you are strong in spirit, powerful, but fight makes no sense, the main thing — peace and harmony with others. And you have to achieve harmony.

In a variety of the field “I want it” that’s planned radical changes. This applies to love, sex, mental and material sides of life. Losing something, don’t regret it a fair verdict of destiny taken away someone else’s bread. Will have to return karmic debts to creditors (for 9 years).

The key to revenue sources — high godly desires. Throw away the selfishness and aristocratic habits!

LIONS. Are you entering a new evolutionary turn, blossoming talents, samoutverzhdayas in society. Say goodbye to the past, to take on arms the best experience and unite with persons is the original, with unconventional progressive thinking.

On the secret front, everything is fine, here patronizing high patrons-patrons. But you do not disappoint, and pay the same coin to help those in need. Charity, grant aid should be an integral part of life.

Activate the contact field, easy friendly relations should go into serious friendship. To be loved and cherished is now nothing to prevent. The goddess of love, at your service.

VIRGO. A willful surrender to circumstances is the educational lesson of fate. Love your profession, keep up with scientific progress in the service of creative originality — that’s what will make you a successful experienced. And highly paid.

Time to strike while the money for maximum benefit, using the favor of the authorities, business passion, from the office. If rich, the excess benefits will certainly share, sponsor a needy, invest in business development.

Married couples holiday, a romantic idyll, hearts beat in unison. Sputnik — a wonderful friend and lover, please reply back.

And don’t over eat, follow the diet, there is a risk of fat.

LIBRA. Career advancement at its peak, you respected leader in a friendly team. The sympathy of like-minded people will shed balm on the heart, and you with Royal pomp will take them under his wing. However, to choose close to the spirit of man should not for Mercantile reasons, and from the heart.

At work, avoid NIT-picking, appeal to the emotional strings Moody emotional chef. Now you are a great master of creating psychological harmony, I feel what “buttons” to click and to miss this unique chance to impossible. The main thing — not to disturb the official chain of command. And in the family to clearly regulate the relationship “parents-children”.

SCORPIONS. Grasp complex tasks as compared to other have advantages to compete with you difficult. Showcase talents, achievements, self-promotion is a wonderful engine to Olympus prosperity. Knocking at the door crucial changes in professional activities (possible change in leadership, staff turnover, industrial reorganization), which will affect his future career, and business.

Take care of service reputation do not misuse official authority, then you will win. Any upgrading in your professional life read with enthusiasm. It’s time to start retraining, according to a creative vocation. And who in its place, work with a vengeance.

ARCHERS. Who does not risk does not drink champagne! Heroically dive into the extreme, you have the face to face with situations that were previously feared, avoided, so now there is a quenching of the spirit. And cowards place behind.

Should be parallel to globally revise views on life, relationships with people, to develop a new philosophy of life. If yesterday’s beliefs are no longer relevant, this is a call of Heaven to get you back on the right path. Switch to new ideals, knowledge and experience are enough.

In the intimate sphere of the Union, a period of sensuality, of tenderness, of deep trust in your partner. You are loved and cherished, no doubt!

CAPRICORNS. Restoration of the bridges partnership is in full swing, “preterites” temperaments, refrain from playing tug-of-war. Psychological insight that sexual harmony is an important component for strengthening the marital Alliance.

Now elect an authoritarian, energetic, has a magical impact than can turn you into a henpecked, which is unacceptable. The person you are strong-willed, able to kill a snake of egoism in order to build relationships on a compromise of interests.

Remember, this year the willingness of the partners play the first violin, satisfy them, then get a reliable ally, which will overcome any test.

The service is all great here creative fireworks, stay for a career chair (the chief patron), and love your work. As a specialist you have achieved perfection and now out of competition.

If plagued by disease, pray, is the influence of demonic forces.

AQUARIANS. You are a bottomless fount of life experience, a strong personality, with a huge creative resource. But dependent on others. Don’t boast or brag, rushing with his sword to battle for the championship, lose.

This year due to errors (for 9 years), under the direction of the lower “I” in your life played fatal traumatic scenarios. It’s a sign of enslavement pride. Do not despair because of losses, in the end caring the fate will lead to the correct path of spiritual development.

To strengthen the partnership of the tandem focus on your sweetheart. Now, if you loved as a needle and thread, a great couple, to leave sin. Do everything together, live with each other’s interests. Let the blessed commands. And you “potentsalvia”.

Many are waiting for good work, the victory in sports, various competitions, competitions.

If the work inspires, well, here you are the joy of the superiors, a talented handyman, fit perfectly into the psychological aura of the team.

FISH. It’s time to make friends with a Muse, to take on additional service obligations. Harmoniously combining creative talents, professional skills with responsibility and diligence will get good results. And money increase.

Heart sky Sunny, feelings gush, love, have fun, your task is to awaken the elect is mutual love and climb to the top of the world!

My abode happiness reigns, take care of the household, and career ambitions tame. Here that is plotting evil.