When open borders: Turkey has let the Ukrainians and the EU will have to wait

In Latvia and Lithuania can enter from countries where the number of active cases Covid-19 does not exceed 25 and 15 persons per 100 thousand

After a hard lockdown of the pandemic COVID-19, countries gradually open their borders. Since 11 June, Turkey began to allow themselves Ukrainians, but with random testing on arrival at your own expense. Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines is already included Kiev, Lviv and Odessa in the updated schedule of flights from 1 July. From 15 June, the international air transportation resumed, and Ukraine. But not all countries are willing to take the Ukrainians right now, especially given the growth in the number of cases of coronavirus.

Last week, four days in a row in Ukraine recorded the record for the number of infected. The figure was close to a thousand cases per day. According to the health Ministry, Ukraine in the “red” zone of countries with an index of more than 40 cases per 100 thousand people (as of June 17). Even in Italy the figure is slightly lower. The Schengen borders for Ukrainians closed until July 1. The website “Today” to understand whether the Ukrainians to use bezveza in July, if the number of active cases of infection will not decrease.

Where already can fly

On a day when Ukraine has officially resumed its international flights, the foreign Ministry appealed to Ukrainians with a request not to travel abroad unless absolutely necessary, and the Ministry of health published the list of the countries “red” and “green” areas on the spread of the coronavirus. On June 15, Ukraine has not yet entered the “red” zone 50 of the countries in which the number of active TB cases COVID-19 exceeded 40 persons on 100 thousand population. But already on 17 June (last available data of the Ministry of health) Ukraine make a list of the 48 countries in the “red” zone.

Despite this, from June 15, Ukrainians can freely (without having to sit in quarantine on arrival) to fly to the USA, Belarus, Albania, Ireland and Serbia. However, in the US and Ireland need a visa. On holiday in Turkey Ukrainians can go with June 11. According to the Consulate of Ukraine in Istanbul, everyone entering the country will have to undergo a medical examination at the airport. In identifying the person symptoms COVID-19, he will make free test. July 1, according to the preliminary agreements of Kiev and Ankara, Turkey ready to take Ukrainians without even testing. The Egyptian resorts of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh, who declared clean from COVID-19 and safe area, will open for Ukrainians from 1 July.

When you fly on bezveze

Despite the resumption of Ukraine’s international flights from 15 June (we opened its borders to foreigners, including EU citizens, which was one of the conditions for the opening of Schengen for us), free to use bezveza, while the Ukrainians can’t. The borders of the EU for Ukrainians remain closed at least until 1 July.