Is the CNN video proves that the Taliban receives weapons from Russia?

The Russian government provides weapons to the Taliban (organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in Afghanistan? CNN says that two of the video, which fell into the hands of his reporters, prove conclusively that the Russians provide arms at least to several factions of the Taliban.

The US military command for the first time expressed its concern that the Russian government is trying to supply weapons to militants in Afghanistan in April, but you can find pictures from the battlefield, which would confirm these statements, it was difficult.

These two videos show a sniper rifle, different versions of Kalashnikov assault rifles and heavy machine guns, the origin of which, according to experts on weapons, it is impossible to determine by external signs.

Two factions of the Taliban — one in the North and the other on the West of the country to declare that it fell into the hands of the weapon which, according to them, was received from Russian government agents. One faction of the Taliban based near Herat, says that these weapons fell into their hands after they defeated the militants one of the main factions of the Taliban. Another group argues that the weapons they got for free, that it traveled to Afghanistan via the border with Tajikistan and that it provided a “Russian”.

In these videos there is no conclusive evidence that such “transaction” had taken place, and Moscow denies its involvement. However, these videos are the first evidence of the existence of channels of arms supplies to Afghanistan, which forced the Afghan and American governments are seriously worried about Moscow’s intentions in this country.

“The Russians said that they maintain contact with the Taliban, we have many other messages from other sources that they provide weapons to the Taliban… the Smoke without fire does not happen, — said the representative of the Afghan government Sedik Sedici (Sediq Sediqi). Therefore, our intelligence is now trying to figure out what level of support now turns to the Taliban”.

Another Afghan official expressed confidence that Russia and the Taliban established trade links.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia refused to comment this information, but informed his representatives have called the allegations that Russia is arming the Taliban “completely false”, adding that they designed to hide the failure of the United States in Afghanistan. Russian representatives said that Moscow conducts a dialogue with the Taliban solely to facilitate peace talks.

U.S. officials have long been talking about his concern in connection with the supply of weapons to the terrorist group. In April, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson (John Nicholson) asked if he could refute the information that Russia is arming the Taliban in Afghanistan. He said, “No, I’m not going to deny it… to Arm the warring parties or to give legal effect to the actions of the warring parties, who continue to carry out attacks… it’s not the best way to move forward.”

CNN did not disclose the sources of these videos. The weapons shown in these videos, you can get from anyone, not only from Russia. All that we have and what we have to build on is the word of a Taliban militants, who claim that they got this weapon from Russia.

Hardly anyone will be surprised if it becomes known that Russia did supply small arms to the Taliban. However, the “evidence” presented by CNN, should not be considered conclusive.

In this regard, the question arises: why is it necessary immediately to accuse Russia? Within the administration trump currently under fierce debate about the future U.S. role in Afghanistan. While we were all fascinated by Russia, the Taliban continued to gain strength in Afghanistan, capturing more and more territory and easily displacing the Afghan army, whose training was engaged in the United States.

We are not talking yet about the crisis. However, current events do not Bode well, therefore, the administration trump is considering to send 10 thousand more American troops to help government troops fighting the terrorists.

Even if all this is true, and indeed Russia is arming the Taliban, and the weapons it supplied to him, cannot change the course of events. But if to accuse Russia of supporting the Taliban, it can force the administration to trump to send to Afghanistan additional forces to strengthen the positions of government troops.

The “evidence” presented in these videos, extremely doubtful. Whatever views may have held the us military command in the question of Russia’s involvement in supplying weapons to the Taliban, in the videos does not provide any credible evidence.