Lutsenko revealed details of the investigation at the credit PrivatBank

The investigation concentrates on the production of “PrivatBank” on loan “to two structures on the tens of billions of hryvnia.” This was reported in the comment to journalists, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko.

He noted that the statement “Mr. Shlapak a few months ago, the GPU really opened a number of criminal proceedings on various qualifications about the events in PrivatBank, especially in the period of December 2016, but there is production in the more recent period 2008-2016”.

“At the moment, the result of GPU is concentrated on one of these productions that defines the events surrounding the issuance of loans to the two structures on the tens of billions of hryvnia, despite the fact that these structures NBU was recognized related to the beneficiary PrivatBank, and they were forbidden to give loans”, – said Lutsenko.

He added that he questioned how “employees of the credit Committee of PrivatBank, and employees of the NBU, is responsible for monitoring the legality of actions PrivatBank especially in December, when the situation became critical.”

Lutsenko said that the ordered “conduct a comprehensive financial audit, which is likely to provide an opportunity for the nomination of suspicion”.

We will remind, the General Prosecutor’s office instituted criminal proceedings against the former owners of PrivatBank, said the head of the Board Oleksandr Shlapak