Europe opens borders: what problems faced Ukrainian zarobitchane

Many Ukrainians were in Europe work visas and coronavirus could not update the timeline to continue

The pandemic COVID-19 of the migrant workers lost their jobs. According to government estimates, during world quarantine in Ukraine returned to 2.2 million of our migrant workers. But as soon as the border opens, they leave again, experts predict. What are the challenges abroad faced by our fellow citizens – this is referred to in the author’s article on the website Today.

For example, in Poland more than half of workers have experienced a decrease in hours of work (61%), and more than a quarter were forced to change the scope of work (27%), according to the study, the company EWL S. A. and Center for Eastern studios of the University of Warsaw.

By the way, 85% of labour migrants in Poland are Ukrainians. Those who changed the industry was in e-Commerce, for food production, in service delivery. These areas, on the contrary, increased volumes and attracted more Ukrainians, said Vladislav Shtepa
the head of the company “Ukrainian recruiting”.