Andrew Bogdan said Zelensky: You traded your dream for a warm bath

The former head of the Office of the President does not agree that his power ate

The former head of the Office of the President Andrey Bogdan argues that he had no regrets about his dismissal from office, as the country now begins the chaos.

So he responded to the recent interview of President Vladimir Zelensky, in which he said he trusted to the power of his “eat”.

“I’m grateful, because my name will have no relationship to the chaos in which you leave the country,” – said the head of state the former head of the GTC.

He reminded Zelensky about their arrangement before he agreed to occupy such a senior position “to work honestly, until that moment, until I allow you to leave.”

“I was not on the posts and for the realization of the dream. And I’ve done a lot in six months – we are with you and the team focused through democratic means absolute power in the country, which you in four months turned into a laughing stock,” wrote Andrei Bogdan.

However, he promised not to disclose sensitive for Zelensky and Ukraine information, despite the fact that their paths with the President went.

“I am sincerely sorry that our dreams of a country of happy people, where there is no corruption, you have exchanged for a warm bath for yourself and cheap whim, unprofessional and narcissistic people who manipulate you,” – concluded the former head of the Office of the President.

We will remind, on February 11, President Vladimir Zelensky has dismissed Andriy Bohdan as head of the GTC. His place was taken by assistant to the President Andrey Ermak.