Will Crimea water: Smigel gave a clear answer

Russia is not fulfilling obligations on the Peninsula, as the occupier country, the Prime Minister said

Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal at the press conference clearly stated – the resumption of water supply to occupied Crimea is not considered.

He noted that Russia does not fulfill obligations on the Peninsula, as an invader.

“Water in the Crimea will not be served, and we understand that she is physically unable to go. Another thing is that not always Russia that is the invader of Crimea, to fulfill its obligations to the people who live there, about those things that are spelled out in the (Geneva) Convention (on the obligations of a country in the territory which it occupies). Of course, these questions concern us, but the resumption of water supply through Crimean canal today is not on the agenda and it is not subject to any bargaining,” said Smigel.

Note that, according to article 55 of the Geneva Convention relative to the protection of war victims, namely the country-the occupier must provide the inhabitants of the occupied territory with food and sanitary materials. It should, in particular, bring in the necessary food supplies, sanitary materials and other items in cases when the resources of the occupied territory are inadequate. In the case of Crimea Russia is responsible for the water supply of the Peninsula.

Earlier we wrote that in the annexed Crimea, the largest reservoir near Simferopol became shallow until a critical point. Witnesses reported that at the dry bottom now people walk and drive cars, although recently it has been completely covered with water.

We will remind, in April 2017 Ukraine cut off water to the occupied Crimea. On the border of mainland Ukraine with the occupied Peninsula built the dam. However, it has a flap, which at any time can be opened. Therefore, when the Crimea will return to Ukraine, the water will fill 300 kilometers North-Crimean canal.

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