Lyashko said the chief and the President have become violators of the quarantine

Lyashko will claim that no one consciously broke nothing

It became known that a trial for an administrative violation of the quarantine restrictions in Ukraine that have been neglected during a visit to Khmelnitsky , President Vladimir Zelensky with a delegation of officials when he drank coffee in the local coffee shop, will be held June 19.

This was reported by the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Victor Liashko.

“In Khmelnytskyi we just wanted to check the readiness of food service establishments to open. I was up a Protocol on administrative violation. The 19th is the hearing, slapped the penalty,” he said on radio NV.

Lyashko added that “there is no one consciously broke nothing, as they say now”.

“I have said that just the next day was another easing of the quarantine, we have opened catering to the entrance inside. And we just came to see how institutions are willing. But, as practice has shown, if you want to come back, you have to prepare all documents correctly. Without the document, even the chief medical officer and the President turned out to be violators. So we’re not disputing it all,” he said.

Previously Lyashko said that it was the most expensive coffee in his life.

Before this, the national police said that was made the administrative material for infringement of rules of quarantine for President Vladimir Zelensky and his companions.