Against Russia could impose tough new sanctions: Putin has reacted

In the Kremlin hope that these plans will remain at the level of statements

The Kremlin hopes that the United States would not impose new sanctions against Russia. The journalists said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the proposal of the representatives of the Republican party of the United States to tighten sanctions against Russia.

“We have seen the reports of such statements and proposals about the new restrictions. In General, we think such restriction illegal from the point of view of international law, and of course, we can only regret in connection with new and new impulses who are trying some people give in General American policy”, – said Peskov.

The Kremlin hopes that “these plans will remain at the level of statements, will not in any way materialize”.

We need a sensible balance: the EU made a statement on the future of sanctions against Russia

Recall, the Republicans in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress introduced a draft national security strategy on strengthening the role of the United States, and countering global threats. The document, among other things, proposes to introduce “the most stringent ever proposed” sanctions against Russia, Iran and China.

Earlier, the us legislators who are in a bipartisan group to support Ukraine in the House of representatives, called on Secretary Mike Pompeo to apply new sanctions against the “Nord stream – 2”.