The future of Polish-Ukrainian relations was called into question – Kaczynski

Polish-Ukrainian relations is now under question. This was stated by the leader of the ruling Polish party “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, reports “Polish radio”.

The politician added that the future of these relations depends on what will be the attitude of Ukraine to the history.

“It is still unclear whether the will of Ukraine in the direction that Poland is unacceptable, that is, support its historical legitimacy on the tradition of the Ukrainian insurgent army, on the traditions of organization that have committed horrendous crimes against the poles, or to abandon this path,” said Kaczynski in the air one of Polish radio stations.

Informed Foreign Policy wrote that the war in the history of Ukraine and Poland threatened Kiev disaster. As noted, now Ukraine, one should never quarrel with Poland, as most European powers preoccupied with their internal turmoil, and the US with Donald trump may take a course of rapprochement with Moscow.

“Today, the governments of Poland and Ukraine remains United in its opposition to Moscow, but the nationalist populism plays in both countries increasingly destructive role,” the article says.