In France, the debate Le Pen and Macron began with mutual recriminations of candidates

In France, a debate took place between presidential candidates. They are attended by the leader of movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron and his rival, the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Mr. macron is uncontrolled globalization, instability, war, the plundering of the economy, in particular, large enterprises, the fragmentation of the country, communitarianism. All this under the control of Mr Hollande, who supervises the operation, it is now clear as never before” — ran Le Pen in the attack, opening the debate. She also described the opponent as “the cherished child” of the French elites.

In response, the leader of movement “Forward,” stated that Le Pen does not want to open, informed, democratic debate and accused her of lying. “You are the heir to the name, political party system that thrives discontent of the French for many years,” said macron.

Le Pen also noted that Russia is a country with which France has no reason to “cold war”.

“We have no reason to “cold war” with Russia, but there are good reasons to build diplomatic, trade and strategic relationship, because it is a great nation,” said Le Pen.

Macron made for a strong and independent France. His foreign policy he called “gallito-maternovsky”. He reiterated that his priority will be the fight against terrorism. “The US is our ally in the area of intelligence in the UN security Council”, — said the candidate of the centrist.

Marine Le Pen, said that “in any case, France will be ruled by a woman. And it’ll be either me or Madame Merkel,” reports RFI.

Macron explained that the French farmer will still have to pay in euros, buying the necessary goods from its European neighbors. Le Pen said in response that in other EU countries also abandon the Euro, and continues to remind Him that he was the Minister of economy. “You will decide for other countries too?”, — ironically macron.

In closing remarks, macron said: “I don’t want (to came to power) those that are rubbing their hands at the failures and benefit from people’s anger. France deserves better. … I heard the anger, the doubt, and I want to answer them courage of truth: I never lied to you and promised gifts and impossible things.”

Concluding remarks marine Le Pen said: “I love France for what it is. With its culture, its language, its heritage, its boundaries, because without those boundaries it would not be a free and independent country. You — the candidate of the closing of factories, maternity homes, police stations and hospitals. The only thing you don’t want to close it borders. You go to open France to mass immigration and the leaders of big business that is only waiting for”.

Public opinion polls show that the macron in the second round win over Le Pen with a score of 60% of the vote against 40%.

Recall that the macron has become the leader in the vote in the first round of presidential elections in France. In the second round out centrist Emmanuel macron, with the result 24,01% of the votes and marine Le Pen – 21,30% of the vote.